Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

A Permit for Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda allows you to visit and be with the gorillas for longer hours.  This is unlike the ordinary gorilla trekking where only one hour is granted to tourists to be the endangered primates. To participate in Gorilla habituation, one needs to have a gorilla permit. Uganda is the only country out of the 3 countries where gorillas live that offers gorilla habituation experience. Gorilla Habituation Experience is the latest gorilla activities that Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced in Uganda in 2015. With this activity, only 6 people are allowed to visit a particular designated gorilla group and spend 6 hours with that family members.

African Countries with Mountain Gorillas include Uganda, whose gorillas are found in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Rwanda has gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park and DR Congo at the Virunga National Park. In Uganda, out of the two Mountain gorilla national park, its only Bwindi that offers gorilla habituation experience with two gorilla groups in Nkuringo Sector and Rushaga Gorilla trekking sector, all in the south. Gorilla habituation is one of the mountain gorilla conservation efforts where the endangered species are made to get used to human presence. With the habituation experience in Bwindi, visitors see gorilla with researchers in their efforts to learn about them and adapt them to human presence. The process of gorilla habituation involves different categories of people including conservationists, trackers, rangers and researchers who take a about 2 to 3 years doing the experience.

Booking a Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

To do a permit booking for gorilla habituation tour, contact your local tour operator to work out the necessary arrangements. At Gorilla Trekking Services, we organize all types of gorilla safaris and tours in Uganda, so we are in position to book or secure a gorilla habituation permit once you give us all your travel details. When you contact us, we check for gorilla permit availability with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and confirm back to you. Once you confirm every component of the trip, you go ahead and book a gorilla habituation safari with only the permit deposit. After booking a habituation tour, you then prepare for the tour like for any other African safari. Ensure that understand what to bring for a gorilla safari as well as the gorilla trekking rules and regulations.

Cost for Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit in Uganda

The price or cost for the Gorilla Habituation Experience permit in Uganda is only USD 1500. This price is inclusive of guiding as well as park entry fees and a habituation certificate issued after the adventure by the wildlife authority. With the ordinary trekking of the endangered primates, a gorilla trekking certificate is also issued after accomplishing the exercise. The final price for the safari is always attached on the itinerary and it would also include the habituation permit. This final price caters for the permit itself, other safari tour activities as per the visitor’s request, plus transport and accommodation. It is always advisable to book a gorilla habituation permit at least 90 days to the trekking dates for property preparations. While booking permit, you share with us your nationality details which are needed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority for future reference and proper record keeping.