Tourist Attractions in Kigali City

Tourist Attractions in Kigali City – Places to Visit in Kigali Rwanda

Kigali City RwandaThe Tourist attractions in Kigali City are some of the best tourist places to visit while on a holiday safari in Rwanda. Kigali city, one of the cleanest cities and fast developing in Africa has many places to visit or hangout. These sites in the city range from historical, cultural, and developmental to religious places. Some of these tourist sites were set up in commemoration of the ugly historical past that left indelible wounds to the hearts of Rwandese. Other places are existing to manifest development and demonstrate where the country has come from to where it is and the likely development trajectory it is taking. The genocide memorial centers take a bigger portion of the attractions around the city. Rwanda’s visible progress especially Kigali city from the sad part is something to be proud of by the visitors. Kigali itself has witnessed some massive buildings characterized by proper planning, designing and planning by the leaders. When you land in Kigali, you really see a city set on a good path of tranquility and modernity, thanks to the peace and stability that has been a norm in the tiny Africa country after the 1994 genocide that tremendously depleted its population.

Kigali City is a base for all tourism activities in Rwanda. For instance, visitors going for gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park arrive in the country through city and depart via the same area. Even other tourist attractions in Rwanda including Nyungwe and Akagera National Park, the genocide memorial centers, Kings Palace, Musanze Caves, the Ethnographic Museum, Lake Kivu, the Twin Lakes plus many more are all accessible through Kigali City

Tourist Places to Visit in Kigali