Gorilla Permit Booking

Gorilla Permit Booking – Buy a Permit for Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla permit booking is a process of reserving, securing and paying for a gorilla permit that gives one entry into the park to trek gorillas. When you buy a Gorilla Permit, it helps you to enjoy Gorilla Trekking Safaris in the wild. In Uganda Gorilla tracking adventures are done in either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga National Park. It is a must that one is required to have a permit to see mountain gorillas. Securing a gorilla permit has to be done in advance to avoid disappointments associated with last-minute arrangements. In Uganda, permits are solely sold by the Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) which has got powers to issue the electronic cards at its Kampala headquarters. UWA is responsible for managing all the national parks in Uganda including Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Once the day of tracking gorillas, your card is checked and verified to ensure its genuine enough to make you eligible for the forest primate adventure. When you buy a gorilla permit using our payment methods, you are able to trek gorillas in the forests. On seeing them, you are allowed one hour in their midst from the moment you bump into them. A gorilla permit in Uganda is at USD 700 and that price includes the permit itself, park entry fees, the guiding fees as well as other expenses incurred on the entire process.

Gorilla Permit UgandaTo check for Rwanda gorilla trekking permits availability, one is advised to contact directly Rwanda Development Board (RDB), a body that regulates the parks and tourism places of Rwanda). Alternatively, tourists can check for the permit availability and book them through trusted and reputable tour operators. A Rwanda permit costs USD 1500 for gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are eight habituated gorilla groups and the gorilla tracking permit costs USD 400 per day. Booking gorilla permits in Congo is make either directly in the park or using a tour operator in the region. The gorilla trekking permits in Congo for both the lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas are each at USD 400 for the foreigners and USD 200 for the Congolese nationals. Visitors can track mountain gorillas in Congo at the Virunga National Park and the Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park or the Western lowland gorillas at Maiko National Park.

What is a Gorilla Permit?

A gorilla permit is a permission card that authorizes you to enter the mountain gorilla parks for trekking purpose. A permit is either for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo or gorilla habituation experience specifically in Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda. Without a permit in form of a document or card (for Uganda’s case), a  visitor cannot be granted entry into the park that is strictly guarded against unauthorized persons.

Buy a Permit

To buy or book a permit, you need to decide on the travel dates, confirm availability of the permit with your tour operator and then after pay for it. But you also need to confirm concurrently the existence of the flight from your country to Uganda. Whenever you have interest in the gorillas, contact us for the gorilla safari bookings. A tour operator usually confirms the gorilla permit availability that you rely on to book a safari.

Booking a gorilla permit has to be done with cash and in full payment. After effecting the payment for the permit, you will also provide the passport details as these are required by the park authorities. Wildlife authorities use such details to know your eligibility to track gorillas as well as taking records of your origin. In Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, anyone below 15 years of age is ineligible to do gorilla trekking. Your passport details are also used to determine the proper price you would pay for the gorilla permit.  A  Foreign resident, A foreign none resident, an East African and a country citizen all pay different gorilla permit prices as shown below for Uganda’s case:-

  • Foreign none resident pays USD 700 for a gorilla permit,
  • Foreign resident pay USD 600
  • East African citizens of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania pay Uganda Shillings 250,000 (USD 80)

When you pay for a tracking permit for gorillas with us, a gorilla trip is confirmed. Usually we only charge deposits for gorilla permits and our clients are given freedom to clear the balance upon arrival in Uganda. Contact today and get yourself a permit for a lifetime gorilla trekking excursion in Uganda. At large the cost of gorilla trekking always includes a permit, accommodation and transport among others.

Highlight of the Booking Process

  • Choose a company to contact
  • Send an inquiry message specifying what you need
  • Get an itinerary, go through it, confirm its fine
  • Make a deposit payment for the gorilla permit
  • A receipt will be issued to you (scanned and sent to you)
  • Then count yourself that you be trekking gorillas on the stated dates.

The Process of Booking a Gorilla Permit

After deciding that you are going to visit Uganda, Rwanda or Congo for gorilla excursion, this is how you do. Go online, choose one of the best gorilla trekking company and write to them. In your email, state if you only interested in gorilla trekking or you need some addition activities.State the dates, number of day and the accommodation category prefer while on a safari.Upon receiving your inquiry, the company will write back to you with a proposed itinerary.

The itinerary should be able to address the three aspects of accommodation, transport plus the activities.When you are contented with the gorilla trip itinerary including the price, you will confirm to your operator that you will do a trip with them.The next step would be to ask from them the mode of payment and then you put a deposit for gorilla permits. The amount of deposit will be determined by the number of people booking a safari.You will then pay for the required amount. You will get a receipt sent to you as a confirmation that you have paid.

When booking a gorilla permit, its also good to look at our booking terms and conditions to guide you in case of any unpredictable circumstances.