What to Wear for Gorilla Trekking

What to Wear for Gorilla Trekking?

Understand what to wear for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo. After securing a gorilla permit, you are now assured of your gorilla trip. You need to wear perfectly in some comfortable clothing. The gorilla parks have cold conditions especially in the high-altitude and mountainous areas of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Rain jacket and excellent walking boots are necessary.

When going for  gorilla trekking or chimpanzee safaris, we recommend wearing strong outfit to guard against cuts and scratches. For instance long-sleeved shirt, trousers plus a good pair of lightweight hiking boots are vital. Defensive fleece gloves or garden gloves plus a pair of gaiters are also beneficial.

As the temperature and weather conditions change, we further recommend taking a fleece or light jumper and lightweight waterproof jacket, trousers or poncho. A small pack is suitable for carrying water, packed lunch, camera plus binoculars. You can pick up walking sticks from the park headquarters to reinforce your hiking. Porters from the nearby villages are available to offer services to visitor. Porters give a helping hand in the steep terrain. As you are on a safari, use neutral coloured, relaxed clothing and loose-fitting as the most suitable items. Hotels and lodges offer laundry services.

Natural-Colored Clothing for Safaris and Trekking

  • Two pairs of light weight trousers which can dry speedily while on hikes
  • A Pair of shorts
  • 2 or 1 long-sleeved lighter shirts that can dry quickly
  • 2 – 3 short-sleeved shirts – preferably moisture wicking

Casual Clothes for evenings

  • 2 pairs of light weight trousers
  • 3 sports shirts with long sleeves or blouse
  • 1 dress or skirt for women

Exterior Clothing

  • 1 Lightweight windproof / waterproof / breathable coat.
  • 1 Fleece, sweater or sweatshirt
  • Well-made / lightweight water-resistant walking boots for tucking in pants /trousers into the socks and boots during trekking. Strong soled gaiters or rain boots are ideal also.
  • One Pair of shoes for wearing in the evening
  • One Pair of sports sandals are vital
  • Swimsuit plus a plastic bag for stuffing in
  • A bush hat with an overflow for protecting against sunshine
  • Lightweight fabric socks
  • Underclothing
  • Gloves – gardening gloves or anything similar for specifically gorilla tracking

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