Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda 

Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda

The Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda were set up in commemoration of the 1994 Rwanda genocide that spread across the country claiming close to a million lives. Following this genocide, the government decided to set up various genocide memorial centres in different areas of the country to protect the remains and remember the lives of the victims that perished in this reckless and inhuman massive murders. These genocide memorial centres were also to remind the countrymen and women plus the international community of the need to make peace and co-exist in diversity as human beings without undue hatred and enmity based of ethnicity or colour. These genocide memorial museums are some of the tourist attractions in Rwanda where people visit to learn more about the massive murders of 1994 and to remember the victims. Since some of the genocide museums are found in the capital of Rwanda, they form part of the Kigali City tourist sites that are commonly toured during the Kigali city tour. Below are the various genocide memorial centres in Rwanda among which the leading museum is the Kigali Genocide Memorial that receives the biggest number of tourists:-

Rwanda Genocide Memorials

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Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a tourist attraction where 250,000 victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide are buried, a clear aide memoire of the price of lack of knowledge.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box link=”|||”]

Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre

This site in the Western Kibuye province is where 30,000 people were killed. The site has of 9 small buildings symbolizing the 9 communes that formerly made up the province.[/stm_info_box]

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Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre

This genocide site in Nyamagabe District in the Southern Rwanda was a technical school where 27,000 people were killed. The victims are preserved here.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box link=”|||”]

Nyanza Genocide Memorial Rwanda

Nyanza started a commemoration place for 2000 victims, now has 95,437 remains at École Technique Officielle (ETO) that was a Salesian Secondary School in Kigali.[/stm_info_box]

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Nyamata Genocide Memorial Site

The site was a church where 2,500 people were killed. There are graphic and audio-visual displays on rape, brutalization of women and use of HIV as a genocide weapon.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box link=”|||”]

Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial 

The Nyarubuye genocide site was a convent and school where 35,000 people were killed trying to flee to the Tanzania. In 2003, the school openned and convent remains empty.[/stm_info_box]

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Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre

Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre is a site about 30 km Kigali where roughly 5000 people mainly women and children were killed when they took refuge here.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box link=”|||”]

Campaign Against Genocide Museum

Campaign Against Genocide Museum in Kigali demonstrates how the genocide plan was fought by RPF/A forces when the UN troops left the Tutsi at the mercy of their killers.[/stm_info_box]