Uganda Visa

Uganda Visa – Requirements and Prices

A Uganda Visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay in Uganda for a specified period of time. In case you want to visit Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, it is advisable to know to under the Visa requirements. Whether you are visiting Uganda for tourism, business, education or any purpose, kindly look at some of the vital requirements to enter Uganda. It is easy for anyone to get a visa since Uganda is greater than ever becoming an admired traveler/tourists’ target. The visa processing is not so demanding so encourage visitors to come to the wonderful Pearl of Africa. Check more in our Uganda travel guide to understand lots of things regarding visiting the land gifted by nature.

Getting a Uganda Visa 

The easiest way of getting a visa to Uganda is by purchasing it at the entry point, Entebbe Airport or any border station. This is very possible for tourists. You only have to pay USD 50, fill in the application form with passport dates and information. The visa fee of USD 50 usually runs for 90 days.

Another avenue for visa acquisition is by applying online if you a citizen of the following countries, USA, UK, South Africa, Russia, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, France, Denmark, China, Canada, and Belgium. Please download the application form from the embassy website of your country of origin. You will need to attach 2 passport photos.

Uganda Visa Cost / Price, Visa Fees

A single entry visa will cost you US 50
Multiple entry 6 months US 200
Transit visa (good for 1 week) US 50
Visa requirements are subject to change.
It is therefore advisable to take advice from the relevant embassies before traveling.

Entry Permit

A Single journey entry to Uganda is given and on arrival, visitor pass is issued for purposes of having a holiday, travelling or doing business in Uganda. Multiple entry visas can be granted for business purposes.

Uganda Tourist Visa 

All tourists to Uganda are kindly requested to comply with the requirements below before they can get a visa to Uganda.
1. Every traveler must have a valid passport of nationality or origin issued by their Government.
2. It is safer to have the International Inoculation Certificate against yellow fever.
3. You may also be asked to show your return ticket. This is usually not asked.

Please note that individuals who are American or British citizens as well as almost all commonwealth nations and Europe do need a visa to get to Uganda.
If you a a national form the countries below, you do not need a visa.
African countries namely, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Seychelles, Rwanda, Madagascar, Mauritius, Malawi, Kenya, Eritrea, Comoros, Burundi and Angola.
Others include st. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua, Gambia, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Singapore, Solomon Islands and Cyprus

Entry Permit Classes

Class A1: persons in Government services, UN organizations, OAU, COMESA, and other institutions approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Class A: contracting companies of the above organizations

Class B-F: Investors in various disciplines.

Class G: Employees. Investors and employees are required by law to execute a security bond equivalent to the cost of a single economy class ticket to their country of origin.

No entry permit fee is charged for Class A! For all other classes, payments at published rates are made in foreign currency or its equivalent in local currency. Renewals are done at half the fee.

Entry / Exit Requirements

A passport valid for three months beyond the date of entry, visa and evidence of yellow fever vaccination are required. Visas are available at Entebbe Airport or may be obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda. Airline companies may also require travelers have a visa before boarding. Travelers should obtain the latest information and details from the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda for more thorough information.