Nature Tours & Community Walks

Nature Walks, Community & Cultural Tours in Uganda alongside Safari Activities.

Beside wildlife safaris, there are numerous nature walks that are done alongside the major tour activities. Nature walks and tours in Uganda are usually supplementary when one has done some major activities.

Uganda Nature walks are guided by locals who are well conversant and acquainted with the nature and historical background of the areas. Nature tours mainly have to do with admiration of the natural environment and its wonders plus its sights and sounds. On the hand, Community Tours involve visits by the tourists to the communities around the major tourist destinations.

Community Tours

Community tours entail a courtesy call to the activities done by the local populations for a living, for instance handicraft, dancing troupes plus cultural and traditional displays or demonstrations. Like nature tours, community tours are also supplementary to the major safari and tour activities are usually undertaken in the afternoon or evening hours.

At times, these activities are optional. These two tour categories are cheaper are most of the times all the proceeds from them go to supporting the communities for survival.

Nature Tours

A visitor to Uganda can take sightseeing trips and appreciate the nature and beauty of the country largely known as ‘the Pearl of Africa’. This is the definition Sir Winston Churchill gave Uganda because of its splendid geographical beauty and weather. A visit to Ngamba Island or Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria brings one close to the feel of nature, taking an excursion to see the source of the River Nile, take a boat ride or rest by the waterside is another feel of nature. Lake Bunyonyi in south western Uganda with its multiple beautiful islands, birding activities, community tours and to the pygmies is a realization of nature at its best. Mountain hiking of Rwenzori and Elgon and its Sipi Falls, the visit to the Kitagata Hot springs in Bushenyi and Sempaya hot springs in Semliki are a manifestation of Uganda’s beautiful nature and its wonders.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours in Uganda involve visiting historical places in Kampala and in other parts of the country. Sites like Kasubi Tombs, Uganda Museum, Namugongo Matyrs’ Shrine, Naggalabi Buddo, plus Lubiri and Kabaka’s Lake characterise a Kampala city tour. These places are very historical with a significant attachment to culture, religion and the politics of Uganda.  Cultural also take the form of visiting communities around the national parks to learn about their lifestyles. Touring the Karimajong communities during a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park, the Batwa or communities around Bwindi forest, the pygmies of near Semuliki Game Reserve constitutes a bigger portion of cultural tourism.