Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Mountain climbing in Uganda is an adventure tour experience done majorly on the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains or Mount Elgon National Park. Uganda has other small mountains and hills that lovers of trekking adventures may undertake to enjoy nature and the geography of the country. These include Mount Gahinga in Mgahinga National Park and Kagulu Rock in Busoga region, Tororo rock in Tororo town plus many more. These hiking  adventure spots also pair well with primate trekking encounters in the southwest Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking

Rwenzori Mountain Climbing in UgandaWhether you are an experienced climber or a passionate amateur, the Rwenzori Mountains offer world-class climbing. A United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, the Rwenzoris offer breathtaking memorable adventure encounters. At the mountain, there are guides to take passionate hikers all the way to the snowy peaks. For Rwenzori climbers, trekking duration range from 1 day to 7 full days if one is interested in striking up to the Magherita peak. Those who want to hike the central circuit as well usually take 7 days. Any mountain hiking trip to Uganda can be done and supplemented with a visit to any other park or a given tourist destination.

The Rwenzori Mountains are snow capped block highland along the Uganda-DR. Congo boarder estimated to covering a distance of 120 km with a width of about 65 Km. The alias host lines as third tallest mountain after Kirimanjaro and Mount Kenya in East Africa however it retains the highest spot, Mountain Stanley that stands at 5109 metres identified by stunning glaciers throughout the year.

The mountains of the moon were formed as Faulting with in the rift valley crust forming believed to have occurred way back 09 million years ago leaving the lower land masses as grabens (Albert, George and Edward) and owing to the striking splendor coupled with formation, it is rating is unrivaled in Africa clinching the list of top 10 globally as far as mountain adventures are concerned.

Hiking Rwenzori is quite strenuous encounter calling for strong physique from the participants and on the Rwenzoris, trails have been demarcated for travelers engaging in this exciting hike challenge such as Central Circuit that requires a maximum of 8 days with an opportunity to conquer the Margherita peak identified as highest trek. The other famous and practical and squat trails with an easier include the 3 day Lake Mahoma loop, 1 day, Buraro  Chimpanzee forest trail and 1 day Kilembe trail, the  community trail through Kichamba to up to  Karangura ridge, hiking to Bundibugo area through Bwamba pass. All these trails offer an array of rare and endemic wildlife as three horned chameleon, colored mosses, heather, great Rwenzori turaco beautiful waterfalls, rivers and lakes as glacial features as tarns, troughs and blocks.

Mount Elgon Hiking

Mountain Elgon is solidarity volcano that stood the test of time about 24 million years as Africa’s highest mountain in exceeding Kilimanjaro’s 5,895m. But gradually succumbed to the millennia actions of weathering, mass wasting and erosion claimed height of East Africa’s oldest and extinct volcano to 4,321m leaving in 4th as far as East Africa an dropped to 8th in Africa. The mountain was as a result of volcanic reaction that occurred in the Eastern land mass of Uganda forcing piles of magma out inform of lava resulting into the Elgon mountain that stands at the Uganda -Kenya boarder with eminent Wagagai peak standing out taller.  On this volcano the Sasa and Piswa trails are dominant ones, where by the Sasa alias Budadiri trail head starts from Mbale past the Mudange (Walls of death) with the biggest area of bamboo forest to the peaks and gentle Piswa offering local viewpoints given the pace of the trail and more can be done at Sippi walk with abseiling what an interesting and thrilling encounter.

The mountain summit was blown off by preceding reactions leading to its collapse as left behind largest caldera in the world measuring 50 km by 80 km therefore hiking the this mountain is not only to focused on triumph with summit but target the fascinating varied vegetation zones identified as home to the wildlife along the slopes and rocky outcrops with caves, water pools and falls, and magnificent backdrop of. the surrounding as the vast Karamoja plains.