Zip-Lining at Griffin Falls Lugazi

Zip Lining at Griffin Falls Lugazi

Zip Lining or Canopy sky way is a single day excursion done in one of existent Uganda’s patch of rain forest of Mabira near Lugazi town at bout 44 km East of the business Centre, Kampala at the Griffin falls camp, therefore can be combined with other adventurous activities in Jinja.

The awning experience in the Mabira Forest just turns you into “monkey” though not hoping into branches but the fastened safe zip-line with aid of instructors see you swing into the forest from one tree to the other high near the branches with brie halts from one truck to another an opportune moment to call on your friend or take stunning shot and fascinating video clips as part of the memories.

The height-forbore encounter starts with briefing from the sky captains, distribution and clasping of gears from the support staff to all clients and later led to through primordial trees Sky guides. On the way you will encounter countless bird species, Primates and butter flies in coolest undercover. Upon arrival, participants are belayed up the first tree with support from team to hike the trees in safest way though it may be nervous task in the initial stages as well as to the first timers as you ascend.

You will start to cross a network of 5 zip-lines that stretches up to 250metres high above the Musamya River through the whole system and repelled on a 78m diagonal zip up to a maximum of 4hours. While in the canopy, you will have spectacular views of the forest layers, mammals like grey cheeked mangabey and red tailed monkeys, birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue and the Turacos. Descending the skyway glides you past the beautiful roaring griffin falls, where you take a walk to the falls as complement to the full package. While here you will enjoy satisfaction from the plunging grey-dark waters on the rocks what a memorable day!.

There are lots of projects set surrounding the site to support the local communities and also help in reducing pressure and stress on the forest species and plants such as eco-tourism initiatives, conserving the
environment through development, stewardship of the forest through environmental education, mud stove fuel savers to reduce charcoal usage for and community projects and networking and mobilisation of 72 local community based organisations to participate in fundraising for tree nurseries and sustainable conservation.

Tour Ssezibwa Falls 

You can start your day from Kampala in the morning passing via Sezibwa falls believed to be a man-born fall with some history as you will know when you visit the spiritual shrines designated caves on at the site. You may encounter some colobus vervet monkeys resting in the trees. Later you will proceed to the griffin falls camp near where you will prepare to take on the afternoon encounter of the zip-line in the coolest Mabira forest that will take you up and shall climax with nature walk in the forest and the griffin falls. You will then return to the camp to catch with your guide and return back to Kampala in the evening.