Visit Uganda

Visit Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

Visit Uganda, The Pearl of Africa that is Gifted by Nature. Uganda is a country endowed with numerous wildlife, plants, water bodies, mountains and a rich culture and history.

Tourist Attractions in Uganda

When you visit Uganda, expect to see several tourist attractions in various parts of the country. There are tourist places in western Uganda, Kampala city attractions as well as destination places in Eastern Uganda. Uganda has got hot springs, waterfalls, Lakes and Rivers, forests and mountains and rocks ideal for visiting and climbing.

Reasons why you should visit Uganda for African Safari Holiday

To Visit Uganda, there are many reasons why one should take a safari to the Pearl of Africa. It was in 1908 when Sir Winston Churchill visited Africa, one the countries he visited was Uganda. He was so fascinated by the unique incredible natural beauty he found in Uganda which was not in any of the counties he travelled to on the continent. He was very impressed by the beautiful scenery, a abundance of wonderful wildlife, a great weather, a rich and ancient culture and the complete variety. He then named Uganda Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is amazingly very beautiful and natural as Sir Winston first discovered it for over hundred years ago. The country is still pure and untouched, it is one of the country that has not been affected by mass tourism, and offering that ultimate distant feeling that every tourist looks for in an African adventure. Uganda is no wonder was ranked by lonely planet as number one destination to travel for the year 2012.

Uganda, remains an authentic country with its several and diverse cultures, thriving and abundant wildlife, well, over half of Mountain Gorillas in Africa, the best place to track Chimpanzees and other primates , with the tallest Mountain Range in Africa, the largest Lake in Africa, extinct and dormant volcanoes, Crater Lakes in plenty, the Western Rift Valley, Kidepo Valley Park which is one of untouched national park Africa like it was 50 years ago and above all one of the friendliest and Hospitable People in all of Africa.

Wildlife Tours: Those who are Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts are in for a treat. Uganda is a country of various habitats stretching from tropical rain forests, thickets, swamps, lake shores to savanna and open grassland. This has made it possible for various birds and mammals to find suitable home for their stay in Uganda. Our checklist of birds is 1057 species; IUCN has recognised 8 as endangered, 14 vulnerable and 7 near-threatened. While 343 mammal species been recorded, 133 are classified as large mammals and 210 small (bats, rats, mice, shrews, otters, and others.

Uganda Safaris: Uganda has 10 national parks and each one offers different specific activities or a combination of them, in addition to bird watching.  There are gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where Gorilla trekking is carried out. Uganda has three mountain national parks, Rwenzori, Elgon and Mgahinga offer mountain climbing. The enormous game viewing is mostly done in savanna areas and among the Savannah national parks we have Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Kidepo Valley National Parks. Boat trips and spots fishing are carried out in Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison. Nature walks are offered by all the National Parks.

Masses of Adventure: Uganda is home of the well-known River Nile, the longest river on earth. The Nile offers a life time of adventures which includes grade 6 white-water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, canoeing, jet boating, river surfing  and lots of more. Trekkers and hikers can take on the snow-capped and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Rwenzori Mountains, famously known as the Mountains of the Moon, with stunning views of the equatorial mist from top. For more treks there is the Mt Elgon and the dramatic Virunga Volcanoes of Mgahinga National Park.

Security and stability: Uganda has had a torrid past of bloody conflicts and civil wars that still lingers in minds of many of travelers. It has since stepped out of this dark past and for last six or so years has been one of the most secure nations on the African continent. Kampala, Uganda’s capital is rated among the safest cities in Africa.

We love our country Uganda, proud Ugandan who has lived and worked in our country, Uganda is our home and its great pleasure to introduce you to the Pearl of Africa, Africa summarised into a small country called Uganda.

To have the best of excursion in Uganda, its advisable to have someone along who will guide you, explore all the top destinations in the whole country, let you guide introduce to you Mountain gorillas, chimpanzee, wildlife, boat cruises, birding destinations, Mountain national parks, best accommodation for the best of your comfort and stay, meet the people of Uganda, share with them and get to know their lifestyle plus all their traditional culture and norms.

We are passionate about Uganda, we know our country very well and all what it has to offer depending on your personal interest.

We would like to welcome you to the “Pearl of Africa”.

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