Cultural and Historical Sites in Uganda

Cultural and Historical Sites in Uganda

There are dozens of Cultural and Historical site in Uganda and the major one being within and near Kampala, the capital city. Uganda is a country of very rich history in the political, economic, religious, geographical and traditional arena. Combining those five areas, you get a good chain of attractions that facilitate cultural and historical tourism in the country. Besides cultural and historical attractions, there are very many tourist sites in Uganda including national parks, several game reserves and many more.

Uganda is a country of 56 tribes and approximately nine native communities formerly recognized in the country’s 1995 constitution. All these ethnic units have varying cultures, traditions, norms and practices. Some of them like the Baganda, Basoga, Banyoro and Batoro among others have kings whereas other tribes and clans have chiefs and their unique cultures.

You can best understand the people of Uganda, their past, lifestyles, practices, languages and origins by taking cultural and historical tourism seriously. This kind of tourism is embedded and portrayed perfectly in cultural and historical sites spread across the country. These include the following:-

Kasubi Tombs

Wamala Tombs

Kabaka’s Palace in Mengo

Kabaka’s Lake in Lubaga


Naggalabi Buddo Coronation Site

Kampala City Tourist Sites