2 Days Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee Trekking

Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee Trekking Safari Uganda

Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee TrekkingKalinzu Forest chimpanzee trekking is the main tourist activity at the thick tropical forest. Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve is found in Bushenyi district in western Uganda. The forest is known for harbouring chimpanzees as well as other primate species. The place is accessible mainly by travelers on Uganda safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park. A chimpanzee trip to Kalinzu is one of the most amazing chimp safaris in Uganda as you one has a lot to see on the way including the Uganda Equator, Lake Mburo, Mbarara Town plus a variety of beautiful vegetation and gardens. The forest is one of the chimp trekking areas in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a variety of wildlife and boasts of one of the highest bio diversity ratings of any game park on the globe, from the open Savannah to Rain forest, thick swamps and fine-looking crater lakes as well as lakes Edward and George either ends of the park. Almost 100 species that include Hippos, Lions, Buffaloes, Leopard, Spotted Hyena and the elusive giant forest hog. The primates include Chimpanzees, Black and white Colobus Monkeys, Blue, Black-Faced, Red Colobus and Red-Tailed monkeys plus Olive Baboons are found in the park.

Kalinzu Forest Chimp Tracking – Trip Plan for 2 days

Day 1: Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

Leave Kampala or Entebbe in the morning and drive to southern-western Uganda direction going through Mpigi, Masaka, Mbarara, Bushenyi and reach the park in the afternoon. But along the way, make a stop in Mbarara town for lunch. Then drive and arrive at the park in the afternoon. Continue straight to Mweya Peninsula where there is a dock/pier where cruise ships set off from.

Begin your 2-hour cruise on the channel and expect to see an array of animals and birds by the water sides. These include hippopotamuses which wheeze and spew simple feet away from the boat; buffaloes hang around in the shallow waters. The shores  of the channel harbor several birds like the pink backed pelicans, pied and malachite kingfishers, saddle billed stork and many more. After the voyage, drive to the lodge for a wonderful overnight stay at Enganzi Lodge or Ihamba Safari Lodge. 

Day 2: Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Kalinzu Forest 

This morning we will leave for the 8.00 am chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve. Look forward to see a range of primates mainly Chimpanzees that are visibly many in the jungle. The forest has six different primate species including the Vervet Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys and many more. The woodland is also known for 414 tree species, 378 Bird Species, 262 categories of Butterflies , 97 Moths plus Reptiles and Flowers. Besides the Forest Walks in search of chimps and other primates, a visitor can as well do research, conservation education, bird watching, butterfly Identification and small mammal viewing among others. After the excursion in the forest, you will then start the journey back to Kampala with a stop in Mbarara Town for lunch. Proceed with the safari and arrive in Kampala in the evening hours. End of the Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee Safari.