Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda

Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda

Golden Monkey TrekkingGolden Monkey Trekking in Uganda is only done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The park is also a habitat for mountain gorillas even though they are not many compared to those of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Like the case in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Golden Monkey trekking in Mgahinga is often done in the morning hours even though it can also be undertaken in the afternoon if conditions warrant. While visiting Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga, you will use only need one hour to be with the charming primate species, however the trekking duration vary accordingly. But to understand these primates and tours regarding them, refer to the frequently asked questions about golden monkeys and you will be satisfied with the answers.

Golden monkeys are an uncommon primate species; however, they have been given more consideration and attention by tourists to Mgahinga Gorilla Park who love trekking them as well as researchers both in Uganda and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Biologically, Golden monkeys are minor in size and they derive their name from the lengthy golden hair on the backs. These monkeys move around the bamboo forest as if they are entertainers.

Golden Monkeys have been declared an endangered primate species and even when efforts for their conservation are in place; their numbers seem to be decreasing. Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda or Rwanda consume a moment of an effort but is much easier than Gorilla Trekking. But the time spent with the charismatic Monkeys of Uganda is far much rewarding. Golden Monkey are fine-looking with color and their full of fun ways. Since they have been familiarized or habituated, they are friendly to Human beings as they don’t scurry away as visitors arrive. However, who photo taking, you will need to put the camera on a very fast shooting speed to capture the primates since they move faster on bamboo trees.

How Golden Monkey Trekking is conducted?

Similar to gorilla tracking, golden monkey trekking commences with visitors arriving at the Park headquarters by 7:30 am for pre-trekking briefing. This briefing mainly focuses on the rules and regulations of golden monkey trekking. The real trek begins at 8:00 am. Walking through the woodlands to see the golden monkeys is not so energetic like gorilla trekking since these primates live in the lower areas and therefore sightseers do not track for over 3 hours. When visitors come across the monkeys, they are allowed one hour to be with them as they observe their conduct and take photographs. With this activity whose age limit is 12 years, there is no minimum number of travelers per a given group.

What to carry during golden monkey trekking?

There are numerous necessities that tourists should carry in order to have a memorable golden monkey tracking experience. Such items to carry include waterproof hiking boots, wear long sleeved shirt, long trousers plus a backpack for lunch and document safety. One should also come with drinking water and snacks, insect repellent, a walking stick for support during the hiking. A visitor can as well hire a porter to support him as he treks in slippery areas. Porters also take hold of your backpack as you hike.

Golden Monkey Trekking Permit

For the lovers of primate safari in Uganda, a golden monkey permit in Uganda costs USD 50 per person for foreign nonresidents. Foreign residents park USD 40 per person while East African residents pay Shs 20,000 to see the monkeys. This price comprises of the park entry fee, the guide fee and the one hour with the Golden Monkeys.

Permits for Golden Monkey trekking can be booked on ground from the Mgahinga park headquarters in Ntebeko Visitor Center. Visitors who wish to spend more quality time and understand the detailed information regarding the golden monkeys can visit this Park for a charming golden monkey habituation experience that costs only USD 100 per person. 

Where else to See Golden Monkeys ?

Visiting golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park may start from Entebbe in Uganda or Kigali in Rwanda. While Kigali, you may take a 1 Day Golden Monkey Trekking Safari to Volcanoes National Park as an alternative to tracking them in Uganda. Mgahinga and the Volcanoes National Park are park of the Virunga Conservation area that stretches from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, trekking these monkeys in Uganda or Rwanda will give you similar wild experiences. In case you do golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga going through Kigali, you may take it as a one day tour or two day safari.

Top Sights in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla trekking is the major activities of the thing to do list of this tourist attraction in south western Uganda. The park has only one gorilla family called the Nyakagezi gorilla group that is habituated and available for visiting. Other activities include cultural encounters especially the Batwa trail. Batwa are hunter-gatherers and tough warriors who relied on the forest for food, shelter and medicine. Presently, they guide tourists through the forests and introduce them to their old home plus techniques of how they used to survive. Bird watching plus hiking and nature walks are other activities in this thick gorilla park in Uganda. Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable forest are the two gorilla parks in Uganda where gorilla trekking takes place. While in the Mgahinga, golden monkey trekking may be done as a major activity during the trip of a supplementary one after after a gorilla trekking adventure.

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