Kigali City

Kigali City, the Capital of Rwanda, an East African Country

Kigali City is the largest and the capital city of Rwanda positioned near the terrestrial midpoint of the country. It is the heart of the country straddling numerous ridges and valleys, with lush hillsides, flowering trees, winding avenues and lively streets, Kigali is perhaps one of the most attractive capital cities in Africa. And more so the cleanest and safest city with population of over 1 million people according to the previous population census carried out. The city has also been the transport, economic and cultural hub of Rwanda since it became the capital city. The city is made up of provinces enlarged as portions of the indigenous administration. Kigali’s area also covers about 70% of the municipal boundaries of the country. Kigali is a base for tourism activities in Rwanda. Its where most visitors stay before setting for gorilla trekking tours in the Volcanoes National Park and Chimpanzee safaris in Nyungwe forest plus other things to do in Rwanda.

Tourism Attractions in Kigali City

The city was originated in 1907 by Dr. Richard Kandt during the German Colonial regime and it was made a capital city of Rwanda in 1962 after the independence. This traditional capital was the main seat of Mwami in Nyanza and the colonial armchair was found in Butare. Butare was to be selected as the capital city of Rwanda, however Kigali was chosen because its central location. Since this time, the city has developed fast and it’s now an economic, political as well as a traditional pivot of the country. Although the genocide affected the city in 1994, it has been able to recover to greater heights. Kigali survives as a testimony to the peace and order that has defined Rwanda’s course for more than two decades.

This city is also constructed in hilly country with four edges as well as ranges; it is situated on one of these ranges. These ranges have got an altitude of about 1600m and the valleys are about 1,300m. This city is also bounded with a tropical savanna environment with a very dry season. This type of climate is cooler all over the year as compared to other many cities that makes it more unique altitude which results in warm rather than hot nights.

Kigali city is one Africa’s dirt-free city and it’s the capital city of Rwanda regularly recognized as a land of a thousand hills. You’re a visit to some of its attractions is a life time familiarity which keeps tourists questioning how its recovery has been since the genocide that occurred in 1994 and left many people lifeless with their property demolished.

This city is blessed with a temperate climate all over the year; it’s a exciting commercial center full of cultural historical sites. You can as well eyewitness its beauty in the quick nightfall and at night when its full lights are out. These lights navigate the hills which are found in a few kilometers from the center this will enable you enjoy the  beautiful sights of the town as you repose at any of your accommodation  reserved in the interior of the city. This city is separated into 3 regions which include Kicukiro, Gasabo, plus Nyarugenge.

This city offers the best view of the capital of Rwanda, the former as well as the current of the renovated city. The city tour begins with a historic journey through the city with a guided tour from the first recent fashioned building from which the capital city was created.

Kigali City Tour

Kigali city tour starts with historic expedition all over the city complemented with a guide to visit the first modern building from which the capital city was originally formed, this is to be accompanied with rapid  growth of  neighborhoods towns  which are changing the appearance of the entire  city. This city is one of the cleanest, friendliest and safest city in Africa, this city attracts many visitors as well as investors.

The expedition embraces stopovers to the small colonial out spot by Dr. Richard Kandt who was the first German colonial inhabitant of Rwanda, his home was found at the bottom of mount Kigali and mount Jali , these have been transformed into the natural museum in honor of Dr. Kandat’s effort.

As you proceed with city tour, stopover at  Kigali’s grown-up market stations, inhabited and business areas, visit the historic sites of the 1994 Tutsi genocide, take a visit to the Gisozi Genocide memorial get to know the city’s local attractions as well as neighborhoods.

Kigali city is comprised of variety coffee shops, indigenous and universal restaurants like the Chinese, Italian, North African, Greek and east African foods. , bars and the local Resto slabs are favorite for the people of Kigali. You will be relaxed at some of the luxury hotels and lodges which are found in Kigali Rwanda.

In latest years, a substantial expanse of recovery work has reestablished in the city to its former graces, while growing influences of foreign investment have sparked a number of aspiring construction projects. Indeed, the reawakening of the capital has seen a astonishing measure of cosmopolitanism take hold; there’s variety of nice places to eat from, some lively night-time action, interesting and organized museums and a common buzz on the boulevards that leaves many a visitor picturing a very bright future for the city.