Photographing Mountain Gorillas

Photographing Mountain Gorillas in the Wild

Photographing Mountain GorillasPhotographing mountain gorillas is one the best experiences in the wild as it given tourists opportunities to make the trip visibly memorable. To photography mountain gorilla, ensure that you have a high lens camera that doesn’t disappoint.  The Gorilla Habituation Experience is one of the most ideal wildlife photography encounters in the world as it offers adequate time to capture the best shot. But still taking photographs of gorillas may be challenging due to prohibited flash light condition as well as the restricted distance between the gorillas and you.

As a photographer keen of taking the best mountain gorilla photography, you should ensure that you are well prepared as much as possible to get the nicest photos. Ensure that your camera batteries are fully charged and you have plenty of storage space on the memory cards. carry with you waterproof bags or covers for your camera or phones as the rain forest weather conditions are not predictable.

The choice of a camera you come with is completely up to you but make sure its the best with a high resolution. Flash photography is not permitted , so try to disable you camera flash or mobile phone prior to accessing your gorilla family.

The time you are with the gorillas is valuable so you should plan your shots instead of shooting excitedly. We suggest that you find a balance between engrossing this unbelievable experience and taking photographs of these captivating creatures. You should not spend the whole time looking through the lenses of your camera but also focus on the experience as you photograph the gorillas.

Mountain Gorilla Photography Tips – Getting the Best Outcome on Mountain Gorilla Photography

Taking mountain gorilla photos is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket List topping experience. Below are some insights that will assist you in making the most and getting the best of this exhilarating wild encounter. It feels like an exceptional privilege coming across Mountain Gorillas. With a few endangered mountain gorillas left in the wild today, you need to have a rare opportunity of seeing them in their unique nature. The world’s remaining mountain gorillas are found in three countries straddling four national parks. Mountain Gorilla habitats in Africa include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo. To get the best Mountain Gorilla Photography opportunity, visit these animals in Bwindi National Park, which is habitat to the largest group of gorillas. It is believed that Bwindi forest has almost half the remaining estimated over 1000 primates left in the world today. Encountering gorillas in Bwindi is a justly awe-inspiring experience. Many visitors who participate in photographing mountain gorillas asserts that it’s the most passionately challenging and rewarding wildlife photo shoot experience. The friendly sight one gets from the endangered species is something that is unforgettable especially when you have perceptive photos to retrieve from your camera back home.

The Ultimate Guide To Photographing Gorillas on Trekking Adventures

  • Get Low for Intimate Gorilla Shots. …
  • Use a Wide Aperture for Impactful Photos. …
  • Focus on Their Eyes for Beautiful Catch lights. …
  • Simplify the Background to Avoid Distractions. …
  • Use a Long Telephoto Lens for Detailed Shots.