Gorilla Permit Availability Uganda

Gorilla Permit Availability Uganda

Gorilla Permit Availability UgandaThe confirmation of Uganda Gorilla Permit Availability with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) leads to the booking of a trekking permit. A gorilla permit is a document or a card issued by the wildlife authorities that manage and run parks to give you entrance to the gorilla national parks for tracking. The availability of Gorilla permits in Uganda is what determines whether one will be able to book a permit or not. You must hold a gorilla permit to participate in a gorilla tracking encounter in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Rwanda. When there  are no permits for a preferred day, you are at liberty to change a gorilla section in Bwindi or choose another day.

To book or secure a permit, you pay $ 700 per permit. Among the very many Uganda Wildlife Authority Permits, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park gorilla permits are the most sold in Uganda. Permits’ availability can be checked online or with a tour operator.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla Permits

The Uganda Wildlife Authority gorilla permits are sold on first come first serve basis. We check with the wildlife body on a daily basis to confirm the available permits on particular dates and areas. UWA is responsible for selling, issuing and allocating the permits for the government if Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has 15 gorilla families across its different sector. This means there are 8 permits per group totaling to 120 permits for  trekking on each day across the gorilla fraternity in Bwindi forest. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park gorilla permits are the most sold in the region. Mgahinga National Park has got only one gorilla group, the Nyakagezi family, which has just 8 permits.

As you ask about the gorilla permit availability, be specific of the dates, month and year for tracking.  Remember that gorilla permits are sold on first come first serve basis, meaning you need to make a deposit immediately after confirming a trip. The available permits today maybe unavailable tomorrow or a few day after if you don’t use chance as it exists.

Booking or securing gorilla permits is our jobs we have done over years. So don’t struggle to get a permit when when our sole purpose of operation is to serve you. Even in the most disappointing situation that the wildlife authority doesn’t have gorilla permits for your preferred dates, we shall try to get for you. We use our strong network with fellow operators who are reselling permits for cancelled or extended trips and make permits available for you. But if your needed section is not having permits, please change to another section as its extremely rare that a day may come when where are no permits in the entire Bwindi forest. Even if this happens, we shall switch you Mgahinga and you track the single Nyakagezi gorilla family there.

Whenever we confirm gorilla permit availability, we shall send you the mode of payment from which you will use one to make a payment. We use credit card payment systems or our direct account details to receive payments from clients.

Once the permits are issued, we keep them at our office. for safety reason. Please contact today to confirm gorilla permit availability in Uganda. We also secure Rwanda gorilla permits and Congo gorilla trekking permits since we offer gorilla safaris these countries.