Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a Place for Rhino Trekking in Uganda

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary also know as Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch is found in Nakasongola district and a home to wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino reintroduction project is a joint scheme by the Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

The ranch is located 176 km (100 miles) north of Kampala City along Kampala- Gulu highway. This rhino attraction, one of the tourist attractions in central uganda is also on the road to Murchison Falls National, a major destination for wildlife safaris in Uganda. Ziwa Ranch is the only place where you will manage to view rhinos in the wild in Uganda. Currently, the sanctuary that has become progressively familiar with tourists who flock it for rhino trekking, bird watching, nature walks plus relaxation is a home for 22 southern white rhinos. Rhinos, a short for Rhinoceros are among the the Big Five animals. There are two species of Rhino in Africa, the Black Rhino and White Rhino even though they do not differ much in colour. The term White Rhino originates from the Dutch word ‘wyd’, that means wide and refers to the wide mouth which allow it to graze.

Activities at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Make a tour of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and find out more Things to Do and See including:-

  • Rhino Trekking. Enter the territory of the southern white rhinos on foot.
  • Shoebill Trek and Canoe Ride. Shoebill is among the most loved birds to be seen in Uganda and it’s available at the rhino ranch.
  • Bird Watching excursions. Ziwa has over 300 bird species!
  • Guided Nature Walks.
  • Night Walks.
  • Wildlife viewing

Rhino Trekking and spotting other Wild Animals

Rhino Trekking is the major tourist activity at the Ziwa Rhino ranch. The sanctuary has trained rangers who will capably guide you through this wild excursion. You will have the chance to spot the rhinos at safer close distances. Besides rhinos, you will also have an encounter with a variety of other wildlife animals including the Uganda kobs, rich bucks, oribis, reed bucks, hippos and crocodiles among others.

Bird Watching

The place is as well home to about 250 bird species and is a great hub for avid birders who want to find those rare African species of birds. Skilled and knowledgeable bird guides will support you to have a wonderful experience. Some of the bird species include:-

  • Abdim’s Stork,
  • Blue spotted dove
  • Abyssinian Ground Horn bill
  • Booted eagle
  • African Black Crake
  • Broad billed Roller
  • African Black-headed Oriole
  • Bronze Manikini
  • African Blue Flycatcher
  • Brown-backed Srub Robin
  • African Broadbill
  • Brown-crowned Tchagra

Guided Nature Walks.

With such guided nature walks, you will be able enjoy the geography, animals, and plants of this attractive part of Uganda.

Camping and Picnicking

The Ranch’s campgrounds are perfect solar power and a standby generator as a backup. The facility rooms have light and warm water for shower. To visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, one can take it as a day trip from Kampala and back or tour the place en route to Murchison Falls National Park while going or return. Many of the Murchison Falls safaris and tours usually include rhino tracking at Ziwa. It is also visit-able while on a chimpanzee Tracking Safari to Budongo Forest.

Getting to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is 7 kilometers off Kampala-Gulu Highway, branching off at Nakitoma trading centre. This rhino farm is increasingly becoming popular with visitors interested in rhino trekking touring the place on a daily basis. Tourists go to Ziwa which going or coming from their Uganda safaris and tours in Murchison Falls National Park.

A Sign Post to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Book and Enjoy a One Day Rhino Trekking at Ziwa Rhino Ranch. This trip to the sanctuary is one of the several 1 day tours in Uganda from Kampala and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the giant rhinos