Wild Animals in Uganda

Wild Animals in Uganda – All Animals to See on a Uganda Safari

Wild Animals in Uganda that one see while on safaris and tours are grouped into various categories and types. These wild animals are found in the major tourist attractions in Uganda which include national parks, wildlife reserves, swamps, forests, sanctuaries as well as water bodies. The Uganda Wild Animals together with numerous birds, the geographic nature plus wonderful climate are what attract tourists to visit the country. Animals in Uganda are divided into 2 classes which include mammals and reptiles.


Under the mammals, we have Primates, Carnivores and Herbivores. Primates: A primate is any member of the biological order Primates, the group that includes all the species commonly related to the lemurs, monkeys, and apes, with the latter category including humans. Primates in Uganda include Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, Baboons, Black and white colobus monkey, Blue Monkey and De brazza’s Monkey. The golden monkey, Grey-checked Mangabey, L’hoest’s monkey, Patas Monkey, Red Colobus monkey, Red-tailed monkey, black faced velvet monkey and Vervet monkey are also among the primates in Uganda.

Herbivores: Herbivores are animals that eats only plants. Herbivores include African elephant, zebra, rhinoceros, warthogs, hippopotamus, giraffe, duiker, antelope hedgehog, oribi, hartebeest, topi, impala, buffalo, dik-dik,

Carnivores: These are animals that eat only meat to live. Examples of carnivores in Uganda are lion, leopard, cheetah, bat, jackal, golden catlion, otter, genet, mongoose, hyena caracal, serval, African wild cat and hyrax.


Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that raise their body temperature by lying in the sun or reduce it by crawling into the shade. Reptiles in Uganda mainly live in water bodies and forests and include crocodiles, lizards, snakes, weasel, badger, alligators and turtles.

Uganda commonly known the peal of Africa is an excellent place for lovers of nature and wildlife. Many tourists from all over the whole world travel to Uganda to enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural beauty. Uganda is gifted with beautiful natural forests, waterfalls, lakes and many attractive animals there is awe-inspiring sites all around. Uganda offers several safari tours which take you on trails of many different animals.

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