Why Choose Animal Safaris?

Why Choose Animal Safaris?

Get to know Why to Choose Animal Safaris when planning an African safari tour. I understand you pondering for which tour operator to arrange safaris for you. Below are reason why you need to choose us for your tour:-

  1. We have got a wide-ranging diversity of tour safari options for various days, prices, accommodation and transport categories for your choice.
  2. We offer exhaustive tour packages  and itineraries designed with prices, timings and customized options
  3. Bendable options on safari tour packages-giving you room for input and suggestions including safari customization
  4. With us, you have choices of budget, midrange or luxury Hotels/safari lodges for the several-day tour safari holiday packages. The freedom is on you to select your tour style, budget plus comfortable standards.
  5. You have choice of safari transport, be it an open pop-up tour van, an advanced pop-up 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep or an executive luxury transport. It all base of on your available budget and the favorite transit style.
  6. We have multiple privately-guided tour safari packages in own stable tour vehicles driven by committed English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese speaking driver / guides who make for you a proficiently detailed guiding explanations during the safaris. Our competent, knowledgeable and welcoming safari tour driver / guides will take you through your Uganda or Rwanda safari as they thoroughly elaborate wildlife, culture and history as well as nature including forests, swamps, main lands, and water bodies. Our guides understand well all the national parks in Uganda and wildlife attractions in Rwanda and DR Congo. They know the major towns, villages and routes to different destinations making your East African tour a lifetime experience.
  1. Our available safaris depart daily from Entebbe/Kampala and finish at the same places. They also depart from Kigali Rwanda as per the itinerary and end in the same areas. There are trips that begin in Uganda and end in Rwanda and vice versa. To us, the customer choice and preferences determine the starting and finishing point.
  1. You have an opportunity to enjoy Uganda or Rwanda safari excursion under a one safari operator (Animal Safaris)
  2. You will enjoy the full welfare of a local Uganda tour operator, tour managers, support staff, tour guides mainly born and grown up the East African region understanding common features of humanity and geography. These will make your African safari experience the most unforgettable ever.
  3. We are deeply well positioned with local networks and contacts within the tourism fraternity of East African which enables us provide the best services with realistically affordable safari prices for every safari traveler.
  4. We have a 24/7 local safari support network. From meeting you on arrival at the Airport, intra and inter-destination transfers as well as dropping you off at trip end gives you peace of mind and a feel at home while away from home.
  5. We do also avail group tours and family friendly safari packages convoyed by children-friendly driver guides plus amenities that match.
  6. We have regular exceptional guest reviews on tourism and travel online platforms like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and SafariBookings.com among others. Reviews by our past clients offers you hope of what you should expect.
  7. We are corporate members and also actively take part in dependable local, regional and global tourism regulatory bodies.

Animal Safaris is a proud member of AUTO, UGASAF, ECO-TOURISM, EAST AFRICAN WILDLIFE SOCIETY and Africa Safari Operators plus many more. The company is also licensed and recognized the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry in Uganda, a trust that makes us deliver to the government standards.

As a tour operator in Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa at large, Animal Safaris offers exceptional service to turn your tour dream into a reality. When you book with us, every stage and aspect of the tours is customized to fit your preferences, from the places you visit to the food you eat, all must be in line with your preferences.

Our knowledgeable guides create an itinerary specifically with your likes and dislikes in mind. Whether you want to float River Nile or traverse the National Parks or Game Reserves, we have right combination of experience and creativity to offer you the best in customized tour services.

We constantly maintain high standards of service excellence. On a daily basis, we strive to improve our services to provide you with the most memorable experience ever. The long-term partnerships with our customers enable us to provide a high quality product for the excellence in the industry. Our solutions offers customized travel planning and purchasing through our easy-to-use online services. With a mere click of a button, your travel solutions are designed to your specifications. We build success on the foundation of three basic principles: customer service, supplier relationships and our travel guarantee.

Our dedication begins with you contacting us first. Whether you contact us by email or telephone, you will get a prompt response in a time range of 30 – 1 hour or slightly more depending on the solution we have for your need. We offer free information consultations along with itinerary adjustments throughout the reservation process. You will have the freedom to custom-fit your hotel accommodations, transportation (air, road and water) and dining. We want you to feel an authentic Ugandan experience and immerse yourself in the spirit, culture and traditions of the country.

Animal Safaris has cultivated long-standing rapport with other Uganda tour service providers involved in your travel experience. We carefully selected hotels based on their overall quality and location from five star accommodations to economy class ordinary lodges and inns. We certainly find an accommodation that suits your taste and budget. You will enjoy dining at restaurants that meet our requirements and as well as your preferences. We have regional network of multilingual guides that are knowledgeable and respectful with enough experience in the travel industry and specialized understanding about given areas. When booking a tour with us, you will have a complete peace of mind. Travel with us, and let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Advantages of using Our Services

1. Reliable service provider

We are experienced tour operators in Uganda, Rwanda mainly. With our years of successful operation, we have got good testimonials from clients regarding our capable, experienced tour services. It is wise that you choose to travel in the reliable hands of a company with the experience, expertise and commitment to deliver a vacation that will greatly exceed your expectations.

The company has been hosting first class quality tours over time and is such a company who knows Uganda and Rwanda like you know your own house interior. We are good at orchestrating individual travel experiences to exciting travel destinations in the most comfortable, convenient and affordable manner. With our services, you will have complete peace of mind by booking with us. We are here with you at every step of the way to ensure you tour is worry free and enjoyable.

2. Outstanding Value

Animal Safaris is for clients looking for an extra value, extra enjoyment and extra care during a tour. Our service managers travel Uganda and East Africa frequently, observing, experiencing and innovating new trends to ensure that your tour has all the extras you would expect. We provide tours with quality standards available and we always work with suppliers of reliable and quality services for the success of your vacation. Once you choose us, you are making a choice on extra value for your money. We provide tour services for hundreds of tourists annually. Our undisputed expertise, experience and enormous professionalism give us leverage to negotiate massive savings with hotels and other tour elements that enables you to benefit from it.

3. Constant availability and flexibility

Having interest in adventure, leisure or culture exploration, preferring to go it alone, or feel more at ease on a small group tour with your family or friends, Animal Safaris has the travel solutions to suit your tastes and preferences. As a single, a couple or a group traveler in Uganda, we take care of you along the way and we never desert you. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to offer advice and assistance. By choosing our company, you have the powers to decide when, what, where and how to fulfill your dream Uganda vacation.

4. Convenience and ease of services

With internet, just relax and book your vacation from the comfort of your own home that is easy and convenient. With physical offices and the online service platform, animalsafaris.com is intend to be informative in not only tour products but also a panoramically Uganda. You can conveniently access to our website and get much detailed information about your possible destinations in East Africa. Just simply send us an Email and we can make it online relevant to suit your needs and help you find the perfect Uganda travel solution. With real-time pricing and available hundreds of tours within our website, you can book your own tailor-made tours in minutes with an assurance that your online payment is completely safe.

5. Tender Loving Care to customers

Traveling to Uganda/East Africa is a life- rewarding and enriching experience. The history, hospitality, culture, stability and landscape are quite rare. Our highly skilled trip leaders and guides are experts in the region. They speak local languages and are ready to handle any situation like lost passport or medical emergency. Our tour professionals love traveling with people which makes them popular with any group. They are trained to make your vacation truly memorable and to make you get the best out of your travel. When traveling in a group, we give you a tour leader with the in-depth knowledge of your specific itinerary. Animal Safaris’ Tour leaders follow the professional working specifications in order to serve you better and you will be enlightened by their safari knowledge and charming local anecdotes. We also have guides at each of the chosen destinations for Individual Travelers. They are local experts to illustrate the secrets and haunts of sightseeing and highlight the best of the areas gone through and the final tour destinations. You will be amazed at how you enjoy the tour with the services of our professional local guides.

6.  Definitive Experience

We are committed to your safety and happiness the time you are with us. We continually look for new Uganda attractions and take pride in bringing you the widest, interesting and most wonderful vacations. A trip designed and offered by us has a number of different activities, ranging from simple cultural exploration to really special Uganda tour that you have never experienced. Besides enjoying the various fascinating safaris and highlights, there is ample free time for you to pursue your own special interests and favorite pastimes in each of your Uganda tour itineraries.

7. Delightful meals

We will provide lunches and dinners at carefully selected hotels and restaurants known for their delicious dishes featuring different style of local cuisine in each of your destinations. Our tour teams are fully aware of the healthy appetites build-up when touring and we provide tasty and varied meals with a lot fresh ingredients like salads and different types of fruits that Uganda has in plenty. Hotels in Uganda have excellent cooks who ensure high standard of hygiene and serve a good combination of local and foreign dishes. During all our trips your good health is catered for. Food especially for Vegetarians, Muslims, Christians and many other categories of people are taken care of upon a request. We also cater for any special dietary requirements once we are notified.

8. Relaxing Hotel Accommodations

Our itineraries offer a wider range of affordable accommodations, hotels, lodges, inns, guest houses and many more. Some are among the finest in the region whereas others are the best available in given areas. We rank Uganda or East African hotels based on categorizations from the tour and travel industry standards. To achieve maximum comfort and a unique enjoyment throughout your time with us, your accommodation is carefully selected for your tour. Just expect spacious rooms with attentive personal services, quality amenities, superior facilities and more, ready to receive you after an exciting day tour enjoyment.

9. You are (customer) our priority:

We build a strong relationship with you, satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. This is paramount in whatever we are doing and because of this, most our clients are either repeat clients or referred by friends, family and colleagues who have been our customers before.

10. We make regular travelers surveys.

We do surveys among our travelers to ensure that we only work with the best, and that our proposals are aligned to your individual interests. We welcome your suggestions towards satisfying service delivery and we are free with constructive criticism of any nature.

11. Our Safari Experts specialize in various areas.

When you send us an inquiry, you will be contacted by an expert in the area of your interest. Our people understand the ground.