Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – Entebbe Zoo

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) also known as Entebbe Zoo is a 72 acre zone where various wild animals are  confined under cages and fences for tourism and research purposes.

The zoo, one of the tourist attractions in Entebbe is a pleasurable destination where one can see and learn about the wild animals of Uganda as well as the ecosystems in which they live. The place which is about 6 kilometres from Entebbe International Airport gives you a chance to learn on how these animals   live, eat, play, reproduce and play.

Commonly known as Entebbe Zoo, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center was formerly started in the 1950s to accommodate impounded and incapacitated wildlife and to take care of orphan animals which have been taken away from smugglers it has grown extensively in current years. Many say it’s ordained to become the most significant showcase for wildlife on the African continent.

It was formed by the government of Uganda with support of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York and accomplished by a Wildlife Trust, it never fails to delight. At UWEC, you will meet free wondering Vervet monkeys and a family troop of De Braze monkeys in the jungle of our hillside forest. Over 120 bird species can be viewed stretching from the well-known African fish eagle, over the Great Blue Turaco to Hammerkops, Giant Kingfisher and even the smallest sun birds.

UWEC is not a game reserve in a conformist sense and neither is it a Uganda Safari Park but it is a center where wildlife education is united with leisure. Our main aim is to model the main ecosystem of this country in open range exhibits. Not only can you observe many of our most exciting indigenous species here, but broad interactive clarification and sessions on them are also given. If you are interested in botany you will also find live collections of traditional medicinal plants.

Things to do at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Forest Trail

Experience a one kilometer natural untouched forest while watching different varieties of birds, mammals, butterflies and chameleons and many others in a private and safe environment. You will have a chance to learn about plants and their medicinal values in our garden, with over 100 plants that beauty our grounds and make diplomatic scenery for both the visitors and our resident-animals. The Horticulture / Forest Trail take roughly 1.5 to 2 hours, provisional to your liking. The Horticulture / Forest Trail can be reserved by individuals or groups at speed way safaris .com.

Chimpanzee Habituation

Chimpanzees can be found in the forests of Africa, and their habitat is gradually vanishing as human populations upsurge and intrude on the forests in the region. An endangered species, Uganda’s chimpanzee population of 5,000 is declining, mainly as a result of human actions. It is UWEC’s belief that education is key to avoid extinction of Uganda’s chimpanzees, offering you the chance to embark on a highly moving and unique experience whereby you will have the privilege to have up close, direct contact with these amazing creatures.

Join the younger chimpanzees for part of their daily exercise routine in a stretch of natural forest. Watch with amazement as they interact, curious to explore their visitors. Always playful, they may cling to you, climb all over you, or even explore your face with their human-like hands. A rare opportunity to bond with man’s closest relative, not only will this be an experience of a lifetime, but you will also learn about the dangers they face in the wild, whilst supporting UWEC’s ongoing conservation efforts. Read more among chimpanzee close up experience, a process of chimp integration into the chimp fraternity.

Behind the Scenes Safari

Besides watching over animals that are enclosed in a fence, this tour  will give you a chance to Witness the animals’ behavior and experience firsthand how the keepers feed the lions, carry out health checks, or bring them back to their holding facilities. Have the luxury of a privileged few and visit the food preparation areas, the pharmacy, the exhibits and much, much more. This way you can say that you have truly visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

Caretaker for a Day

This more of feeding the animals within the place. Early in the morning, you will have to  join the UWEC keepers in the kitchen to prepare the food, then jump on the tractor moving from one exhibit to another and help feed an amazing array of exotic and endangered animals from giraffes to lions to rare birds. Get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as you attend keeper briefings, participate in recording of animal behavior, or maybe even get the chance to perform health checks or help feed and rehabilitate a rescued animal. This could be your most rewarding and fulfilling day of work ever!

Keeper’s Guided Tour

Enjoy the guided tour   with our keepers which is a tour filled with exciting insight. You will benefit from his experience and get the full lowdown on the individual animals and their little quirks. Put away your binoculars as he talks the rhino over to the fence, hear the full story of the orphaned chimpanzee that arrived yesterday, and find out just why it is so difficult to feed a 4-month-old baby elephant. In just a few hours, you will learn facts and stories that will stay with you for life, and come away with a new appreciation of the intricacies of conservation work.