The Uganda Equator

The Uganda Equator in Kayabwe Mpigi along Kampala – Masaka Road

The Uganda Equator is one of the common and popular benchmarks in Uganda.” According to Wikipedia, equator can be referred to as an intersection of the earth’s surface with the plane at right angles to the earth’s axis of alternation and comprising the earth’s center of mass”  although it can be referred to as the imaginary line that divides the world into two hemispheres. The imaginary line of the equator can be seen on maps marking the halfway between the North and South Pole. Beside the imaginary line of the equator, a compelling indicator has no dip and it becomes constant in perfect horizontal location. You allowed standing with your feet in the northern hemisphere or in the southern hemisphere; this will reward you with a wonderful experience as you stand at both sides of the world. The sun rises and falls rather so fast at the equator, with equal days and nights’ length. The temperatures around the equator are normally warm temperatures and tropical climate all over the year and therefore it becomes hard to tell the differences between different seasons.

The equator is located on high way Kampala -Masaka road just 420 kilometers drive from can also be found in Kayabwe in Mpigi district just 72 kilometers drive from Kampala. You can also spot markers of the equator as you going to Queen Elizabeth National Park in kasese district. Enjoy the warm temperatures and tropical climate as you stand on these markers or the equator; remember your standing in the middle of the world.

While you’re standing at the equator, you can get a basin of water and observe how water moves in opposite direction at the different spheres at the equator. The movement and drainage of the water will differ from the Northern and the southern hemispheres at the Equator line. In the demonstration of the carioles effect. These movement that changes direction suddenly, something in motion to the left or right when moving on a rotating body likes the earth. In some cases pressure weather cyclonical systems perform this, having a clockwise rotation in the north and a counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere. From a truthful perception, you may not be able to see this as motion would not be seen with water in small amounts. At the equator, a show man ship is used to stimulate the effect. While in the northern hemisphere, the water will drain down the hole in a clockwise direction yet take the counter clockwise direction as it drains from the southern hemisphere down the hole.

While you’re at the equator still, you will notice that your weight becomes light when you are at the equator line, while standing at the equator, your weight is reduced by 0.5%.This is liable to the earth not being a perfect circle. At the poles, it is compacted. You will be a few tons of kilometers away from the center of the earth while standing at the equator unlike when standing at the poles. Gravity is therefore only slightly less at the equator because it falls off with distance.

Alongside the equator, a number of structures have been set up around the area of the equator with various incredible crafts and art pieces from the craft shops, therefore do not forget to carry remembrance for your friend or family .Get yourself a number of products from the gallery antique and the Aid child galler. Buy one of the T shirts with words like ‘I have crossed the equator’ get one for yourself and friends. The place has nice classic and well standardized restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty meal and coffee at one of the restaurants there.