Uganda among Top 2016 Tourism Destinations

Uganda in Top Tourism Destinations for 2016

Uganda in top tourism destinations for the year 2016 as according to the CNN global rankings. CNN has christened Uganda among topmost 16 emerging tour and travel destinations in the whole world for the year 2016.

2016 Top Tourism Destinations

A silverback Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Forest

According to the American established news channel, meeting eyes with the silver back mountain gorilla across a foggy jungle, after a tiring hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in south western Uganda, leaves perpetual impresses of undeniably the finest wildlife safari on earth.

“But there’s much more to Uganda. Rich in nature, it’s an outdoor sanctuary of crater lakes, white-sand beaches on lake islands, thundering waterfalls and national parks,” says CNN’s travel writer Anisha Shah.

A top highlight is the Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary in Lake Victoria where rescued and orphaned chimpanzees live out their days on an island.

Ngamba Island is accessible from Kampala or Masaka main land by boats through Africa’s biggest lake.

But Uganda has much more to offer in the tourism sector.

Amazingly rich in nature, Uganda is an outdoor preserve of white-sand beaches on lake islands, crater lakes, impressive roaring waterfalls and 10 national parks plus several game reserves.

What’s new? The Pope’s milestone visit is prompting plans to Uganda 2040, when it aims to develop into a middle-income country. Infrastructure developments are part of the plan.

“While the crowds are in the Serengeti or Masai Mara, you’ll find a lush country with fewer tourists in Uganda,” said Thornton of Intrepid Travel.

He added, “Mountain gorillas are the main attraction but the countryside offers many tourism activities.”

Previous rankings for Uganda as a Tourism destination.

Whereas in 2012, The Lonely Planet named Uganda as the top travel destination.

And in 2013, Uganda was named among the top 20 global tourism destinations by the National Geographic. The National Geographic is a global travel network allied to the National Geographic Society.
The National Geographic recorded Uganda among the uppermost “new year’s 20 must-see places.”

National Geographic by then said, the pride of Uganda’s tourism was due to the country’s uninterrupted emerald nature that greets visitors the moment they land in Uganda either by air, land, water or any other means of transport.

National Geographic said that getting out of Kampala city is a rewarding experience. It also mentioned a multiplicity of birds, wildlife and the rare mountain gorillas as ‘a hotcake’ for Uganda.

National Geographic recommended several books and films to lookout for about Uganda, not leaving out ‘Gifted by Nature plus ‘The Last King of Scotland’ as a must watch.

Even though Uganda’s tourism business is gaining prominence, strong marketing is still needed to put the country on top.


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