Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector Uganda

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector Uganda

The tree climbing lions of Ishasha Sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park would amazingly spice your Uganda safari. A game drive in this vast Ishasha Sector should be on the must-do list while on a Uganda safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is rather unusual for lions to climb trees but the Ugandan lions of the Ishasha sector are just unique big cats. In the entire world, there are two areas known to have tree-climbing lions. The first one is the Ishasha sector in the south of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The second tourist destination is Lake Manyara National Park in the South of Tanzania. Therefore, visiting Uganda and have a safari to Ishasha area will expose to you lots of lions hanging on the fig trees.

Tree Climbing Lions Ishasha

The Lions climb trees to protect against the various biting insects like tsetse flies in the ground bushes. But is also assumed that lions climb tree to run away from the heat on the ground to have a cool breeze. Another reason for tree-climbing is the need to use the tree as a platform for spotting their prey loitering in the open Savanna. Whatever the reasons for the lions to climb and hang above in the tree, they are interesting to see while on a game drive through the Ishasha plains.

While on Uganda tours, visitors at large choose to go to Ishasha area solely to spot the rare inhabitant Tree Climbing Lions. By advantage, such trip also offers sightings of other wild animals and birds in the sector.

The sector is well known for its very exceptional tree-mounting lions which is a key highlight for which the park is visited by hundreds of tourists. The huge cats are spotted idly lying between the branches of the giant fig trees glaring at the dozens of the grazing Uganda Kobs that characterize the Ishasha grasslands. The lions actually are among the major predators to the kobs.

Jokingly, if a lion happens to chase you while on a safari in Ishasha, taking refugee by climbing a tree would not help at all since your chaser is an experienced climber. The lion would get you down.

Getting to Ishasha Sector

Ishasha Sector is positioned in the southern section of the vast Queen Elizabeth National Park. When you reach the park, there is a public road that runs through Ishasha to Uganda-Congo border. The same road also leads you closely to Buhoma sector found in the northern section of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bwindi is the home to mountain gorillas in Uganda. After Ishasha, you can easily connect to Rukungiri or Kihihi area. The sector is commonly visited by tourists doing gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Driving from Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth National Park is relatively shorter.

While on a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park, you may choose to do various tour activities. These would include game drives in park, chimp trekking in Kyambura, Maramagambo forest walk, Kazinga Channel boat cruise plus other nature experiences. After such tour encounters, you will go for a game drive through the Ishasha sector before driving out of the park to proceed to Bwindi forest or connect to another destination as per the safari itinerary.