Seven Wonders of Uganda

The Seven Wonders of Uganda, 7 Wonders in Uganda

The Seven Wonders of Uganda include mountain gorillas and Rwenzori Mountains. Others are Murchison Falls, Kibale forest, Mount Elgon Caldera, Kazinga Channel and the Source of River Nile. These Natural  Seven Wonders of Uganda are some of the major tourist attractions that the country is proud of. Apart from the Source of the Nile, the rest of the wonders are part of the bigger National Parks in Uganda. These tourist wonders form the biggest percentage of Uganda safaris and tours.

  1. Gorilla gorilla beringei (Mountain Gorillas) – Uganda’s Major Tourist Attraction.
  2. Kazinga Channel – A 40km water body that links Lake Edward to Lake George.
  3. Murchison Falls – An amazing  Secret Wonder on the African continent.
  4. Rwenzori Mountains – The highest Mountain Range in Africa.
  5. Kibale Forest – the biggest Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda.
  6. Source of River Nile in Jinja – The starting point of the world’s longest River Nile.
  7. Mount Elgon Caldera – One of the biggest intact calderas in the world.

One of the Seven wonders of UgandaThe natural seven wonders of Uganda are some of the major tourist destinations and attractions in Uganda. The following tourist activities are associated with the mentioned 7 wonders of Uganda:-

  • Gorilla trekking – Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park
  • Nature Hiking, Game drive and Boat Cruise – Murchison Falls
  • Adventure Hiking and Nature walk – Mount Elgon Caldera
  • Boat Cruise – Kazinga Channel
  • Mountain Climbing – Rwenzori Mountains
  • Boat Cruise – Source of River Nile
  • Chimpanzee Tracking – Kibale Forest


Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in south western Uganda. Gorillas are Uganda’s biggest source of income in the tourism industry with lots of safaris and tours taking place on a daily basis.

Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains National Park found in Kasese and Bundibugyo district in south western Uganda is also a UNESCO World Heritage site in Uganda. The snow-capped attraction is Uganda’s major destination for adventure climbing and hiking tours. Trekkers usually hike up to Margherita peak.

Mount Elgon Caldera

Elgon Caldera

Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya. The mountain’s highest point, named “Wagagai”, is found within Uganda. This mountain feature several water falls on it with Sip Falls being the major one attracting numerous tourists every year to it.

Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel Uganda

Kazinga Channel is 32-kilometre (20 miles) long water channel connecting Lake Edward and Lake George together. The channel which attracts varieties of animals and birds to its shorelines for quenching their thirst is one of the dominant tourist attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Source of River Nile

River Nile Source Jinja

The Source of River in Jinja is a point where River Nile, the World’s longest river starts from in flowing its waters to the Mediterranean Sea covering a distance of 6,650 km. This point is where Lake Victoria which feed the Nile ends and the river begins. This site can can be visited in a 1 day trip to Jinja.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls or Kabalega Falls are extremely roaring waterfalls between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert along lake the Victoria Nile in Uganda. At the top of Murchison Falls, River Nile forces its way via a rocky gap of 7 metres wide down 43 metres before flowing into Lake Albert.

Kibale National Park

Kibale Chimps

Kibale National Park is one of the tourist attractions in Western Uganda, characterized by moist evergreen rain forest. The 766 square kilometer park found between 1,100 meters to 1,600 meters in elevation is a home to chimpanzees in Uganda plus many other primate, birds and insects like butterflies.