2 Days Sempaya Hot Springs Tour

Sempaya Hot Springs Tour and Visit to the Batwa/Pygmies in Semuliki National Park

Enjoy 2 days of Hot springs tour in Uganda and the pygmies by visiting the marvelous Sempaya Hot Springs and Batwa in Semuliki National Park respectively. During the safari, you will also pay a courtesy call to the Pygmies who live a very traditional and primitive life around the park. Sempaya Hot springs and Kitagata Hot springs are some of the examples of hot springs in Uganda and are much loved by tourists.

Full Trip Details

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Fort Portal, Visit Amabere Ga Nniya Mwiru and the 3 Crater Lakes

The journey to the hot springs at Sempaya begin early in the morning when you get picked up by your driver guide to transfer from Kampala to Fort Portal town. This town is in south-western Uganda and accessible from Kampala via Mityana, Mubende, Kyegegwa, Kyenjojo and finally arrival in the afternoon. On arrival, you will check in the hotel where you would also have lunch.

After lunch, you will go for a nature walk to The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves as well as hiking to see the three surrounding Crater Lakes which make a thrilling day escapade for nature lovers. Sweating for fitness is another health advantage to gain from this adventure. During the walk, you will learn more about the indigenous culture and legends as well as the geo-etymological setup of the three crater lakes. In the evening, return to Fort Motel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: Transfer to Semuliki National Park, Visit the Pygmies and Tour Sempaya Hot springs

Wake up early, enjoy your breakfast in the cool environment of the beautiful Fort portal town and continue with the journey to the park. The drive take like one hour to reach the park. On arrival, you will straight away go Sempaya Hot Springs for an amazing nature experience. Seeing extremely boiling hot water coming out of the ground at a high temperature is an awesome moment. Willing, you may boil eggs and eat them instantly from these rare hot springs. Scientifically, the Hot springs are created by the development of geo-thermally heated under groundwater from the earth. It is highly believed that the temperature of rocks within the ground surges with deepness. When water permeates intensely into the earth’s crust, it gets heated during its contact with hot rocks creating the hot springs.

After your time here at the hot springs, you will drive out of the park to visit the Pygmies who a live an amazingly primitive and traditional life near the park. Visiting the pygmies is a kindly of a community tour that most people do when they tour Semuliki National Park.

After this hot springs and pygmy tour, drive back to Fort portal, have a delicious lunch at Fort Motel and then transfer back to Kampala where you will arrive in the evening.

End of the Tour.

Sempaya Hot Springs Tour