Rwanda Development Board

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) – Promoting Investments in Rwanda

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is a government department that integrates all government agencies responsible for the attraction, retention and facilitation of investments in the national economy of Rwanda.

Rwanda Development Board is mandated to accelerate Rwanda’s economic development by enabling private sector growth. Under the supervision of the Office of the President, RDB is governed by the Board of Directors made up of global entrepreneurs and experts.

Formation of RDB

Rwanda Development Board was established in 2008 from a merger of 8 government bodies, mainly to form a One Stop Shop for business and investments. From then, RDB has been built with global expertise and molded on international best managerial practice.

At present, RDB’s key services include; One Stop Center services (business and investment registration, visa facilitation, EIA, tax incentives management and many more), Investment Promotion, Investment Deals Negotiation, Export and SEZ Development, Tourism and Conservation plus Private Sector Skills Development among others.

RDB is available to offer support all through the entire investment journey and make sure that Rwanda stands as one of the most competitive places to do business in Africa and the entire globe.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Vision, Mission and Objective


To transform Rwanda into a dynamic global hub for business, investment, and innovation.


Fast tracking economic development in Rwanda by enabling private sector growth.


To make RDB a remarkable institution.

Tourism Promotion for the Good of Rwandans

The Arsenal Football Club partnership is part of Rwanda’s long-term tourism development and conservation approach that is entrenched in Vision 2050 and EDPRS II. As part of this plan, Rwanda has improved its conference and hospitality infrastructure, transport networks, tourism attractions and conservation policies.

In case you plan to Visit Rwanda, understand that the country is ranked third most popular destination in Africa for hosting international meetings and events by the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). The national carrier RwandAir, now flies and connects to 26 destinations worldwide.  In addition, the Akagera National Park has been restocked with lions and Black Rhinos in order to make it a Big Five (5) animal reserve and the Volcanoes National Park has also been expanded to create surplus habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Currently, tourism is Rwanda’s major foreign exchange earner and has so far generated over 90,000 jobs.

Rwanda’s national goal is to double tourism receipts from USD 404 million to USD 800 million by 2024. This determined goal is only possible by promoting Rwanda as a tourist destination in inventive ways.  The Rwanda-Arsenal Football Club partnership is one of the many ways chosen to position the destination in the hearts and minds of potential guests and as such part of our tourism receipts are cultivated back to support such marketing energies.

In Rwanda, tourism has done a chief role in assisting the local community and among the key tourism initiatives was the Revenue Share Program.  Started in 2005 by the Government of Rwanda, the Revenue Share program targets to guide investment in the areas nearby the different national parks in Rwanda.

Above USD 1.28 million has been disseminated by the Rwanda Development Board to more than 158 community-based projects which have availed clean drinking water, health centers, classrooms and housing to members of the communities living close by the three national parks; Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda Development Board is the issuing body for the gorilla permits used by tourists for gorilla trekking at the Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla trekking permits for Volcanoes national park may be booked directly via Rwanda Development Board or through a reputable tour operator. A gorilla permit in Rwanda is at USD 1500 per person.