Rushegura Gorilla Group

Rushegura Gorilla Group in Buhoma Sector of Bwindi

Rushegura Gorilla Group is found in Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in south western Uganda. Some visitors who do gorilla trekking in Buhoma are the ones allocated Rushegura group and it takes like 15 minutes to reach while driving from the park headquarters.  At times, the duration may be less or more to reach it trailhead. Buhoma is one of the gorilla tracking regions of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The group is named Rushegura from a place called so where the gorilla family broke away from the bigger Habinyanja in February 2002. This secession was spearheaded by the late Mwirima, a huge silverback that was eager to set up his own family and left with seven members from the group. Mwirima later died and was replaced by a strong black back on the leadership of Rushegura.

Mwirima, a son of Mukurusi split with his male sibling, Rwansigazi who well known taking the group members on distant excursions whereas Mwirima liked having shorter outings.

Rushegura was launched gorilla tourism 2002 as the members had been already adapted to human interaction under the Habinyanja family from where it seceded.

The family known to travel to the adjacent Democratic Republic of Congo has no silverback at present. But it has 5 adult females, one Black back plus a number of young ones. The gorillas under Mwirima felt secure due to his going over the top in defeating rivals as well as wild groups. He is known for fierce fighting defending his dominion making use of his sharp canines. He is remembered for slapping, slitting vegetation, chest-thumping and beating the ground using palms to symbolize the end of the encounter.

A known incident is when the Rushegura group met the wild Makare group, whose members Late Mwirima fought hard to success. He also made sure that his group members continued feeding during the fierce scuffle that lasted for 48 hours.

The gone Mwirima is remembered for determining the movement schedules of the family resulting into proper feeding alongside arbitrating skirmishes within his family. Following his demise in 2014, a dominant black back took control of the group.

If you happen to be allocated Rushegura group while on a trekking tour in Buhoma area, some of the family you should expect to encounter on an African safari include:-

  • Kabukojo, the blackbuck
  • Kyirinvi, the adult female
  • Kibande, the adult female
  • Buzinza, the adult female
  • Nyamunwa, an adult female
  • Karungyi, a grownup female
  • Ruterana, a half adult female
  • Kalembezi, the sub-adult male
  • Nyampazi, a youth
  • Kanywanyi, a juvenile
  • Kafuruka, an adolescent
  • Kibande, a young one
  • Karungyi, an infant
  • Kyirinvi, a young one
  • Buzinza, a young one
  • Nyamunwa, an infant
  • Kibande, an infant
  • Katabazi a young one

Rushegura is well habituated and at times its members wonder in the lodges, and the neighboring homesteads in Buhoma area. If by chance you encounter gorillas at the lodge or in the gardens nearby, still you will be taken for trekking in the forest. Tourists planning to book a safari with Gorilla Trekking Services are highly recommended to book a gorilla permit in time to be assured of visiting the endangered species.