Reasons for Studying Tourism

Reasons for Studying Tourism

Reasons for Studying TourismThe reasons for studying tourism are quite many and justifiable. If you have a passion for tours and travel and you want to have tourists have an unforgettable experience, ensure make it a lifetime career. Workers in tourism industry have a desire for travel plus a strong obligation to assist tourists achieve the best out of their holiday anywhere in the world.

Below are Reasons you should Study Tourism as a career:-

Endless opportunities

Travel and tourism are a global industry and the abilities you learn at university are straightforwardly transferable.  A profession in leisure industry can accurately expose you to the world mainly if you need to do work with travel.

Tourism is Creative and People-oriented industry

A multiplicity of travel jobs necessitate you to think and be innovative, imaginative and creative. Those who work in tourism sector are obligated with a vital role to execute by ensuring that visitors on vacation like gorilla trekking tours have an excellent experience so that they spread the word once they return home.

Wider Job Scope

Tourism has got a wide-ranging job industry and therefore there is there is never any need for anybody get trapped in one niche, market or role. courses in tourism and travel can offer access to a profession as a Tour Manager, Tourist Guide, Travel Consultant, Adventure Sports Activity Manager, Outdoor Recreation Activity Consultant, Events Manager, Conference Manager and Air Cabin Crew. Others are Air Ticket Agent, Airport Ground staff, Holiday Representative, Park Guide and Ranger and the list seems endless.

You learn that “the customer is always right”

Tourism jobs are mainly about offering friendly, pleasant, well-organized and focused customer care services. You must learn superb communication skills, have the capability to work well with people of all categories, tempers and emotions and be able to enjoy challenges.

Studying Tourism is fun and happiness

With most of the tourism courses, its fun and energetic activities. You will be hiking, sailing, running, walking and going on course farm trips. You will tend to explore a variety of activity tourism and geographical scenery that a particular country or destinations have to offer. Areas of interest here include mountaineering, swimming, sport fishing, business tourism and game safaris. Others are sailing, mountain biking, horse riding, rafting, cruises, bungee jumping, adventure tours and animal tracking for instance gorilla trekking.

You are a source of Tour and Travel information

Studying national park and their safari activities for instance take you on trips to the parks and learn whatever is done there. Air ticketing course would lead you to learn how tickets are booked, cancelled or extended plus all the related information. Learning about destinations, tourist activities, accommodations and all components that make up successful tours like transport, you become a real consultant in such areas.

Tourism is a dynamic industry

Travel and tourism is among the most vibrant, competitive and dynamic industries internationally. To keep ahead of the competition, players must constantly develop new ideas and skills across every sector of the industry. From inventive mobile applications, modern transport to innovative accommodation design and inspiring tour packages, one must plan above competition. 

Tourism is a growing industry

Travel and tourism industry is ever growing. Currently, the sector in various countries receives visitors from around the world who bring lots of foreign exchange. Tourism is a vibrant component of countries’ economies worth in millions and billions of dollars every year. 

Tourism offers opportunities to show off Country’s potential

Tourism and travel sector offers a chance to showcase a country on the world platform. Showcasing wildlife, national parks and game reserves, culture, natural environment, activities, cities, food, heritage, lifestyles and traditions are all fundamental components to the victory of the tourism sector.

Tourism is local

In spite of being a global industry, the sector is also very local. Much of the tourism companies are small, medium and large-sized firms that offer income and jobs to local citizens in a particular country. Once you are involved in tourism say in the hotel, transport or activities, there are numerous opportunities for contributing to the development of local community.

You get to travel

The tourism industry has got many capacities in the field that facilitate wider traveling. You get to acquaint physically with tourism places, destinations, attractions as well as services. Traveling to several destinations widens your viewpoint on many things and the tourism segment is endowed with several opportunities to travel.

You want to be part of a legacy

The last among the reasons for studying tourism is the fact that the industry has the potential to create change, achieve balance and wealth for communities and drive economies, preserve history plus culture, and. Many tourism courses are planned to discover sustainability and the positive impacts that the industry may bring to society.

Where to study travel, tourism, and hospitality?

There are abundant opportunities to study tourism all over the world. Secondary schools, Colleges and universities are major platforms for pursuing careers in tours and travel. Any institution offering tourism course whether on full payment or scholarship basis is doing great in building the industry. The tourism courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills mandatory to work in countless development positions in the industry.

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