Pakuba Safari Lodge

Pakuba Safari Lodge

Pakuba Safari Lodge is situated in the northern array of Murchison Falls National Park overlooking the flowing the Albert Nile on the eastern side of Murchison falls national park., Pakuba Safari lodge is a good midrange accommodation establishment for Uganda safari tour undertakers.

The lodge is comprised of 46 en suite guest rooms each well facilitated with private bathrooms, of which 27 are twin rooms, 12 double rooms and 7 interconnecting rooms that were constructed to cater for families. This tastefully furnished room gives you the greatest comfort, style and peacefulness environment that very cool and relaxed.

Here you can enjoy a range of expeditions and undertakings; from exciting game drives to boat cruise besides the River Nile, ending at the bottom of Murchison Falls. For the more exploration, one can hike up to the top of the falls and wonder at the outlooks through the spray of the waterfall.

Pakuba has well trained staff who are so friendly and caring, very flexible and welcoming, the security at the hotel is very fine, therefore expect to have a nice stay at Pakuba safari lodge. All  types of food are provided at the restaurant and drinks are all available for you. Come and enjoy the happiest and a memorable stay with Pakuba.

While at the lodge, you have a chance to see animals that usually meander around the lodge in the late evening and in the early morning including; lions, buffalos, Jackson Hartebeests, elephants and the Ugandan kobs. The lodge has over 50 people capacity conference hall, expansive restaurant, a well-crafted African thatched contemporary bar and lounge with free internet and a TV satellite. The lodge is nearby the Tangi gate in the northern regions of Murchison falls national park.