Mount Morungole

Mount Morungole in Kidepo Valley National Park in Northern Uganda

Mount Morungole is found in Kidepo Valley National Park in the north-eastern side of Uganda in Africa. It is located in the rough, semi-arid Karamoja region close to the border with South Sudan. The nearby peaks are Mount Zulia plus Dodoth and Labwor Hills. The Morungole mountain slopes are a home to the Ik people, the minutest tribal group among the Tribes of Uganda with their distinctive culture.

Morungole is too traversed by the Kidepo and Narus rivers that act as the major water sources to Kidepo National Park wildlife. The physical feature as well as a tourist attraction is an ideal site for mountaineering with a knowledgeable and well-informed game ranger escort. Kidepo National Park and all its attractions including mount Morungole are among the tourists places in northern Uganda.

Visiting the Ik People around Mount Morungole

The visitors on cultural tours may have a community walk to the mountain slopes to see how the Ik people live in their localities. The Ik are a small tribe of about 11,000 in number.  It is believed that they traveled from Ethiopia, first established in Kenya and later migrated to the present day Kidepo National Park.

The Ik were hunters and collectors but due to cattle incursions from other tribes, they gave up cattle rearing for subsistence agriculture like goat keeping and honey production. The ethnic groups that attacked them were the Pokot and Turkana of Kenya, the Tuposa of South Sudan plus the Karamojong of Uganda.

A day with the Ik People on Mount Morungole is characterized by some of the best fabulous backdrop in Uganda is a community adventure modestly amazing.

A day trip to Mount Morungole to visit the Ik people needs proper planning.  Such a tour needs an extra day after doing a Uganda safari to Kidepo Valley. The cultural trip would be a  standalone tour in case time is enough for the travelers.

Mount Morungole is located next to Morungole in Kaabong District in Northern Uganda. The approximated terrain altitude above sea level is 2497 meters.