Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. It bestrides the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the peak is positioned in Rwanda. Mount Bisoke volcano is sometimes identified as Visoke standing at an elevation of 3700 metres in the Volcanoes National Park.

Hiking Mount Bisoke Volcano in Rwanda

Hiking Mount Bisoke is a daring and most popular activity after the
gorilla and golden monkey trekking owing to the modest altitude of daily challenge ranging from 5-6 hours basing on the pace. Bisoke climbing is a worthy excursion as it offers a characteristic conic shape of a “perfect” volcano with a deep Crater Lake in its basin. There is also a beautiful decor with views of the excessive Virungas and surrounding rolling backgrounds. While at the highest point of the volcano, you have a mist experience phenomenon at one of the good-looking Crater Lake with a projected 400 meters of diameter 100 meters depth well positioned at the pinnacle.

Even though hiking is only for hours day depending on the pace and frequency of sojourns, the altitude is considered challenging and therefore extra strength of climbers is necessary. Due to a tough climb and a challenge for the amateur, less experienced and first-time trekkers should endure the hustle in which appropriate fitness to conquer the muddy trials to the summit of the mountain. On the other hand, skilful climbers may find it less tiresome by using between 2-3 hours to arrive at the peak.

Bisoke climbing trail begins at an elevation of 2700 meters, moving for approximately 15 minutes through the local agricultural communities living at the peripheries via the different vegetation areas along the volcano. The trail proceeds through a bantam bamboo broadening up to 2800 metres where you navigate the Hagenia Hypericum and Sub-alpine of Senecio – Lobelia up to 3200 metres before thumping the bare rock and crater at the top. Each vegetation zone is identified with clear disparity from the proceeding or former as the lower vegetation is thickly abundant of hurtful nettles.

The lower zones features abundant vegetation and softer grounds which pose a bigger challenge due to the mud with lots of itchy spiteful irritates from minor skin contacts. This calls for special stops to rest and refresh with magnificent scenery all around, unique mountain wildlife as forest Elephants, Buffaloes and lucky encounter gorillas and golden monkeys where glimpse of less than 03 minutes is allowed with no acts of photograph, what magical experience and booster. After the recaps the adventure continues getting to flat topped summit with a big Crater of Bisoke.

The trekking activity starts very early with fresh minds and energetic bodies but as the day goes exhaustion and dehydration come in. Therefore, one is advised to always seek services of a helping porter in the expedition as the light packs may become heavier and weightier for every step restraining your enthusiasm to rise up fast with minimum oxygen supply. Thus out any load you get extra support of the porters pushing uphill or supporting you from the back past the lianas and muddy ways until when you get the high point where you are saturated into fog overhead the mists.