Ministry of Tourism Uganda

Ministry of Tourism Uganda

The Ministry of Tourism Uganda is the government ministry responsible of promoting tourism, preservation of wildlife, improvement and safe guarding of natural, historical sites and monuments in Uganda. All this is aimed at transforming Uganda into the world best tourism destination in the entire world.

The headquarters of the ministry are found on the second floor of Rwenzori towers at 6 street Nakasero roads in the central region of Kampala the largest and the capital city of Uganda.

The mandate of the ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities is to articulate and implement schemes, policies, plans and programs that support tourism in Uganda, wildlife and cultural heritage conservation for socio-economic development and transformation of the country.

The vision is to promote sustainable tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage contributing to the transformation of Uganda society from a peasant to modern and prosperous country.

The Ministry’s Mission is to develop and promote wildlife and cultural heritage resources for enhancement of Uganda as preferred tourism destination, with accelerated sector contribution to the national economy.

The administration of the ministry is split into different departments which includes:-
Department of Tourism development.
Department of wildlife conservation.
Department of Museums and Monuments.


To gather, assemble, examine, verify and publicize strategic data and information on conservation and development of wildlife resources, to monitor general decision making on the division level.

To recognize, harmonize, stimulate and support remote sector led economy activity programs on conservation and development of wildlife resources, with connections that openly contribute to poverty reduction and general country development.

To start the invention, nursing and valuation of implementation of policies, national plans, regulation, procedures and approaches on conservation and development of wildlife resources and provide and timely advise to government.

To recognise areas of interference, organise and supervise mainstreaming of issues of conservation and development of wildlife resources into local government, plans, programs and tasks of other sectors of the government.

To initiate and coordinate development of services standards and enforcement of these for quality assurance on conservation and development of wildlife resources.

To coordinate and ensure formulation and enforcement of regulations on the international conventions, treaties and agreements under the wildlife conservation sector.

To classify factors that is important for sectors draft position papers for development of sector national strategic intervention to sustain the current performance and the associated positive social economic and environmental impacts.

To coordinate and prepare technical sector draft position papers for development of sector national strategies and/or programs on species, ecosystems and habitats of conservation concern.

To Inspect and oversee operations of the statutory and affiliated bodies (Trust Organizations) under the Conservation and development of wildlife resources Sector