Mbarara City

Mbarara City in Ankole Region

Mbarara city, in Mbarara district is the largest urban center and main business capital of Western Uganda, a region commonly referred to as “the land of milk and honey”. Mbarara town one of the biggest and fastest growing towns in Uganda has well developed infrastructure which coupled with the vast tourist attractions in the region make it a tourist and viable investment destination.

Mbarara town is located about 290 km south west of Kampala. It is also the major transit town for tourists to the western Uganda attractions like Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth while its close proximity to L. Mburo National park assures visitors of shopping opportunities.

The town is also home to the remains of the Ankole kingdom palace and the Nkonkonjeru royal tombs for the Ankole kings are about 2 km from the town center. There is also Igongo cultural center that shelters most of the cultural objects and literature for the Ankole kingdom as well as the newly launched 1520AD eclipse monument on the Biharwe hill.

Other more attractions in Mbarara include Lake Nakivale which is located a 40 kilometers south-east of Mbarara town. The lake has sandy beaches and the expansive open grounds around the lake could in future be exploited for tourism. There were temporary refugee settlements in the areas around the Lake.  River Ruzizi where canoeing is can be carried out on the river and provides some primate viewing along it. Safari land Park, is a spot that is a habitat for cobra snakes that are a popular site for visitors to the Park, this is just behind River Ruzizi, Lake Kachera which has got a wide concentration of wild game offers opportunity for development of a tourist campsite at the hill overlooking Lwanga fish landing site, Sanga Cultural Village where you can find Traditional ornaments and regalia for the Hima tribe, Crafts and Souvenirs Industry standardized restaurants and hotels and may more others.