Lubaga Cathedral

Lubaga Cathedral in Kampala City

Lubaga Cathedral found in Kampala City is one of the well-known worship and architectural places in the country of Uganda. It is situated on the peak of Lubaga hill, the cathedral counts as one of the most outstanding religious and touristic fascinates in the city of Kampala. The site is a noteworthy center in terms of religious, education, hospitality and health to the people of Kampala.

Also known as St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, the religious facility is 3 Kilometers from the city center and can be accessed by public commuter taxis, private drive, Boda Boda ride or walking. Lubaga Church one of the tourist attractions in Kampala City was constructed in an earliest Roman architecture and established in 20th Century by the latest missionaries. The wonderful landings, attractive color paintings of catholic saints highlighted in its well carved windows and the fabric assortments mixes up  to  form Lubaga Cathedral an incredible astonishment in the interior of Kampala city.

Neighboring to Lubaga Cathedral is one of the five mother hospitals of Uganda, the Lubaga hospital. The cathedral back yard has a graveyard where several historical religious individuals lay in rest together with the first African Catholic Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka, first African Catholic cardinal, Cardinal Nsubuga Emmanuel and very many others.

The hill originates its name from Luganda word Okubaga figuratively meaning to plan; the hill was used by the Buganda Military generals to make ideas for their battles thus the name. The legend has it that the place was a palace of the 19th King of Buganda, Kabaka Nsobya from 1724 to 1734. In the dawn 1800s, the fire disaster occurred in the place compelling people to leave the place. After the coming of missionaries the then Kabaka of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga gave away the land to the missionaries which terminated in the formation of the cathedral from 1914 – 1925. The top of Lubaga offers great lovely sights of Kampala City.

Other Tourist Attractions in Kampala apart from Lubaga Cathedral

Other top places to visit in during a 1 day Kampala city tour include Namirembe Cathedral, Gaddafi National Mosque, Kasubi tombs and National Museum. Other also encompass Uganda National Cultural Center, Namugongo Matyrs’ Shrine, Kampala Independence Park, Kabaka’s Palace, Bulange Mengo, Kabaka’s Lake, Nakasero Fruit Market, Bahai temple and many more.