Lodges in Kibale National Park

Lodges in Kibale National Park

Are you looking for where to stay, find Accommodation and Lodges in Kibale National Park in categories of budget, mid range and luxury nature. Kibale National Park is a home to the biggest number of chimpanzees in Uganda. This huge chimp demographics convert well into a high rate of chimpanzee Trekking Safaris in the park, putting accommodation facilities around this tourist attraction on demand.

The tour of major activities in Kibale Forest include chimp tracking, other primate safaris, bird watching and nature walks among others. When you are on a chimp tour, do not look further beyond any of the following accommodation facilities in and around Kibale National Park.

  1. Ndali Lodge
  2. Kyaninga Lodge
  3. Kibale Guest Cottages

  4. Chimps Nest Kibale

  5. Crater Safari Lodge
  6. Rweteera Safari Park
  7. Nyinabulitwa Country Resort & Safari Camp Kamwenge
  8. Kibale Forest Camp
  9. Kanyanchu River Camp

  10. Papaya Lake Lodge