Kyaguliro Gorilla Groups

Kyaguliro Gorilla Group

Kyaguliro Gorilla Groups, A and B groups are families in Ruhija side of Bwindi. Even though the gorillas are habituated, they are exclusively devoted for research purposes. These are found in Ruhija gorilla sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The habituation process for this family started in 1995 after the passing away of the key family head Rukina. He died on 7th April 2015 due to an electric shock caused by a lightening. After the death tragedy, a youthful untested Silverback, one Mukiza succeeded Rukina. But Rukina at one time attacked by Rukara, a wandering Adult Silverback from the Bitukura group, an incident that led to the division of the family into two units. That is how Kyaguliro A headed by Rukara and Kyaguliro B led by Mukiza were came into existence in May 2016. Observer allege that the split is not strange since both families live near, symbolizing a possible reunification in the future. The members of Kyaguliro are known for keeping much of their time inside the jungle and infrequently have outings beyond the forests.

With this group kept intact, ecologists have learnt much about the gorillas of Bwindi Forest. They leaned some significant differences and similarities between the mountain gorillas of Bwindi and those of Virunga ranges.