Kitagata Hot Springs

Kitagata Hot Springs

Locals bathing in Kitagata Hot Springs in Bushenyi district

Kitagata Hot Springs

Kitagata Hot Springs are natural hot water springs found in Bushenyi district in Western Uganda about 350 kms from Kampala City. The Hot-springs of Kitagata offer one of the nice attractions to any tourist on a tour to or from Queen Elizabeth National Park or Rwenzori National Park. There are two big springs lie adjacent to each other, about one kilometer from the Kitagata trading centre. The springs water temperatures are high and as hot as to 80 degrees centigrade.

Kitagata Hot springs are among the examples of hot springs in Uganda  that have historical importance. It is said that the King of Ankole used it and therefore referred locally to as ‘Ekyomugabe’, (the Kings Spring) while the other nearby one is further known for having medicinal benefits and therefore named Mulago in reference to Uganda’s National Referral Hospital. Many people go to Kitagata to bathe and treat themselves of illnesses, bodily and spiritual. They do hot baths here where many go there to catch a glimpse of people bathing in these natural hot Spas. On the side of science, when water is heated in the earth’s insides and surfaces from the earth’s top, it creates a hot spring.

A Visit to Kitagata Hot Springs

As you come closer to Kitagata Hot Springs, you will have spectacular views of panoramic hills, valleys plus the serene emerald vegetation. Once at the site, mainly in the evening hours, you may wonder if it’s a marketplace as massive crowds of people gather here.  You will see groups of half-naked people sited on rocks enjoying the natural warm water, a scenario that defines Uganda as a country gifted by nature.

The Hot springs attract dozens of visitors on a daily basis. At the spot, women and teenagers have their own allocated area, whereas men also enjoy an exclusive area by themselves. Kitagata Hot springs are sectioned into two, one part has water hot enough to organise porridge, eggs or any possible food stuffs whereas the other side has warm water.

There are several stories about these hot water springs as being a source of ‘blessings’. However, the most prevalent faith is that it has curative powers from various ailments. People from distant areas in Uganda flock this spot to bathe themselves with the spring waters with a belief of healing or getting ‘blessings’. Some other patients drink the sulphur-rich hot springs waters for treatment from arthritis and rheumatism. The hot springs are a must visit by anyone going through Bushenyi district. The place is off the main highway to or from Queen Elizabeth National Parks in Western Uganda.

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