Karuma Falls Uganda

Karuma Falls in Uganda

These deafening Karuma Falls are found on the fine-looking Victoria Nile and are some of the most inspiring and exciting Uganda tourist attractions. Locally, they are called Karuma Falls, the name that was derived from a conception that Karuma, a great spirit, placed the stones that break the river waters. The spectacular Karuma Falls are found on the eastern boundary of Murchison Falls National Park (the largest reserve in Uganda) and an hour drive from Gulu in northern Uganda.

The park area nearby these falls pride in a wide-ranging assortment of birds, monkeys, buffaloes, antelopes, baboons, leopards, elephants, Hartebeest, Uganda Kobs and giraffes.

The Falls encompass a series of natural nice-looking rock establishments up to the the Victoria Nile base resulting into the waters of the great River Nile to current prompting the river appearance turn into a white foam. The falls are positioned at the place where the main highway of Masindi-Gulu goes over River Nile, around 110 km northeast of Masindi Town and 70 km south of Gulu town. Masindi and Gulu are connected by Karuma Bridge that was constructed in 1963 to support the west Nile cotton farmers. Karuma Bridge crosses massive waterfalls that flow town towards Southern Sudan after the northern portion of Uganda. The falls are among the momentous milestones in Uganda as it’s said that the British explorer, John Speke moved past it as he sought for the source of the mighty River Nile.

Karuma Falls are home to a 750 Megawatts hydro power development, Karuma Power Station, being constructed by the Uganda government in partnership with its foreign development partners.

At some time back, these falls were labeled as a dangerous zone due to the fact that the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels performed several brutal attacks around this this area. The rebels used to hide in the bushes and attack vehicles traveling to or from the northern Uganda. Fortunately, ever since the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) chased the LRA out of the country, the region is very safe for any human activities.

Getting to Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls is 258 kilometers from Kampala, 75 kilometers from Gulu town, 221 kilometers from Arua Town and 97 kilometers from Masindi town and is conveniently accessible by road.

Where to live

Chobe Safari Lodge is an upmarket accommodation facility, located 20 kilometers from the falls and Karuma Falls Campsite on the road to Gulu Town.