Kampala City Tour

Kampala City Tour, 1 Day in Kampala Walking and Driving Tours

A Kampala City Tour is a tourist activity that involves visiting the different tourist attractions in Kampala. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda with wonderful tourist attractions ranging from cultural, religious, historical to political places.  The city has had infrastructural development which has made the it look so attractive. Kampala has greatly improved in terms of infrastructures, shopping centres, accommodations, banks, health facilities, religious centers, well-constructed local markets like Owino market and Nakasero market. In a few years to come, Kampala will be among the great East African cities that also include Nairobi, Kigali and Dar Es Salaam among others.

The most common tourist attractions and destination in Kampala where one tour during your Uganda safari is mainly the pre-colonial and colonial cites that have a lot historical attachment to all Ugandans. These include; the Kabaka`s (king`s) of Buganda palace, Kasubi tombs (Buganda king`s burial cite), Kabaka`s lake (a man-made lake by the king of Buganda) Gothic protestant and catholic Cathedrals, Namugongo martyrs shrine, the Bahai temple, Gaddafi Mosque (Uganda Supreme muslim council), Kibuli Mosque, Parliament of Uganda plus the central business area.

Kampala City Tour attractions

Our safari guide shall pick you up at your place of residence very early in the morning after your breakfast and embark on your Kampala tour a great Uganda safari that is very special among all Uganda safaris. Drive through the heavy traffic to the heart of Kampala city. You will drive through the Central Business area which has the upper side made up of the upper class shopping malls, less congested, cleaner, and organized. See the corporate Banks, insurance companies, Major Forex bureaus, Casinos, star Hotels and all important Government organs like the parliament and ministries. To the centrally is the lower Kampala business area where the average income earners majorly shop, the place is always too busy and congested with cheaper guest houses, Forex bureaus, restaurants and open eating places, dusty roads, and here you will find the famous Owino Market – the largest 2nd hand clothing market in Africa, the Taxi Park-an amazing site in itself and the hub of Kampala Transport with hundreds of mini-vans jostling in and out plus the Nakasero Food and Vegetable Market.

You will break off for lunch at around 1:00 pm and then drive to visit the historical sites such as Kasubi tombs the resting place for the remains of the kings of Buganda, proceed to Gaddafi mosque one of the biggest mosque in Kampala, this will reward with wide view of Kampala city ,continue to Namirembe cathedral church and Rubanga cathedral, visit the Bulange Mengo a historical site that was constructed to the parliament of the kingdom of Buganda, proceed to the kings palace at Mengo Lubiri where you will learn about the traditional life style of Baganda and the royal family. You may also visit the king’s lake that is near by the palace, this is a man-made lake found within the city.

In case you have time, drive to the Uganda museum and spend the rest of evening hours there. You may later be driven back to your place of accommodation. Kampala has got a lot tourist attraction, on additional to the above there is visiting the national theatre, Namugongo Uganda martyrs and very many other historical, culture and traditional place of attraction. 

1 Day Kampala City Tour

Early in the morning, our safari guide will pick you up from the lodge, and transfer you to for a city tour. The tour involves taking you around Kampala’s most iconic attractions which include the Buganda palace in Mengo, Kasubi tombs where Buganda’s kings are buried, Namugongo martyrs shrine, the parliament of the republic of Uganda, Nakasero market tour, temples and churches for example the Namugongo cathedral, Makerere university, the Uganda museum, the national theatre, and very many others.