Ihimba Hot Springs

The Ihimbo Hot Springs are found along Kabiulil-Katuna Road, about 8 kilometers, south of Kabiulil. These hot springs get their name from the Bahimba people that live near the them. The Ihimba hot springs are quite clean but unpleasant pools on the part of the house, partly obscured by a forest of eucalyptus. The hot springs are widely known by the locals for their potential to heal various ailments and sicknesses. Some of the Bakiga people of Kigezi region plus the neighboring Rwandese that suffer from rheumatism, backache and other sicknesses happen to visit Ihimba hot springs for healing bathing.

The Healing Powers

The hot springs are said to have chemicals and minerals including potassium chloride,  calcium phosphate, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and lithium sulphate among others that are assumed to have healing benefits.

Visit the Hot Springs

Visitors touring the lhimba hot springs can as well pay visit to the the Bahimba people who have very rich and amazingly unique cultures.  You can learn much about their cultures, traditions lifestyles plus values and how they live. You may also buy some handcraft and souvenirs from the local crafts kiosks for taking home for memories.

At the hot springs there are a number of birds. Its a fantastic birding destination with over 600 bird species including types like the fish eagles,  sun birds, bare faced go away bird, barbet and many others.

Accessing Ihimba Hot Springs

Ihamba hot springs can be reached off Kabale-Katuna road and it is approximately 8 kilometers driving from the main road. Travelers visiting the lhimba hot springs can always include trekking gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as the attraction is along the way for tourists mainly from Kigali in Rwanda. So as you enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda from Kigali in Rwanda, always include an excursion to Ihimba hot springs for nature enjoyment.

Other Hot Springs in Uganda

Apart from Ihimba, other hot srpings in Uganda one can visit include Kitagata Hot springs, Sempaya hot spring, Rwagimba hot spring, Amoropii Hot springs, Burring hot springs, Ihamba hot springs and Kibiro hot springs.