Horseback Safaris in Lake Mburo

Horseback Safaris in Lake Mburo National Park

Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National Park are an electrifying fashion to have sightings of the wildlife like the eland, zebras and buffaloes. Also regularly seen are the topi, warthog, duiker, impala, waterbuck and bushbuck among others. The 4-hour horseback outings lead tourists up to the hilltop standpoints. Such rides are superb especially when visitors are going to have a bush breakfast or drinks in the evening. Mihingo Lodge arranges horseback safaris in Lake Mburo.

Horseback Safaris in Lake MburoHorse safaris are a splendid enjoy wildlife without the noise of a vehicle engine. On a horse, you soothingly feel nature. On the back of the horse, you have high chances of seeing fearful animals. Some visitors have been even luckier to spot leopards from a horseback, a rare sighting indeed! Observing animals from the back of a horse is a unique experience as at times zebras may come near you to check a stranger that doesn’t resemble them. Even the shy elands at times look keenly at the horses from a reasonable distance.