Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Amazing Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

When making a Game Drive safari in Lake Mburo National Park, expect to see several mammal species and birds. Every portion of the park is special with a variety of animals. The park is home to 68 species of mammals plus a vast wetland zone that harbors several mammal categories prevalent to the area and not found anywhere in Uganda. Zebras and Impalas are visibly common in the park. There are 315 species of bird species includi9ng the uncommon Shoebill Stork, the African Fin foot and many more.

Early morning and evening times are the most ideal periods to move around the park in search of wildlife. Night Game drives are another option for the sightings of rare animals not seen during the day safaris. These start between 6.30-7pm and last two to three hours.

Lake Mburo has a wide-ranging assortment of habitations and sceneries like forests, valleys dotted with acacia trees, savannahs plus permanent and seasonal swamps. The 370 square km park is the smallest among Savannah National Parks in Uganda. Around Lake Mburo’s main lake, you will see many hippos rolling in water and the gigantic crocodiles waiting on the shorelines. The grid of game pathways in the eastern side of the park has nice topographies including acacia forest, swamplands, green hillsides, rock protrusions and the periodically water-logged valleys.

Lake Mburo National Park is positioned between Mbarara and Lyantonde district, making it an easily accessible park in Uganda. The three and half hours drives from Kampala to the park makes it the closest game park to the capital city.