Make an Early Gorilla Permit Booking Uganda or Rwanda for 2020 -2022

Early Gorilla Permit Booking for 2020- 2022 for Uganda or Rwanda

Make an early gorilla permit booking for 2020-2022 to be assured of trekking gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda.

Gorilla permits in Uganda are very competitive and therefore need early booking to avoid disappointments. There are over 20 habituated gorilla families in Uganda which are open for trekking by visitors. Each gorilla group is allocated 8 members meaning, about 120 permits are available per day.

The number may look big, but its not. Those are very few permits compared to the global demand for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda. As gorilla permits get competitive, accommodation facilities around Bwindi Impenetrable National park get booked hugely. This puts competition on both permits and safari lodges in Bwindi.Make an early gorilla permit booking uganda or Rwanda

Price for Gorilla Permit in Uganda and Rwanda

A permit for tracking gorillas is at USD 700 far below the cost of a the same permit in Rwanda. The price for gorilla permit in Rwanda is USD 1500.  This means that Uganda gorilla permits are more competitive than those of Rwanda. Congo has the cheapest permits at USD 400 but due to its unpredictable security, trekking gorillas there is not highly recommended. In fact gorilla trekking in Congo would come as a last resort adventure after failing to get permits with Uganda or Rwanda.

Booking a gorilla permit in time saves you the stress of late bookings. You settle and only wait for the trekking dates.

Contact Gorilla Trekking Services today and get the right procedure of how to book for a gorilla permit for trekking either in Uganda or Rwanda. Once you contact us, we shall confirm the gorilla permit availability with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). We shall then ask for a deposit to enable us secure gorilla permits for your future trip.

For gorilla safaris, we have packages for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days gorilla adventure tours beginning from Kigali in Rwanda to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We also have 3 days gorilla tours starting from Kampala to Bwindi Forest. There are also 3 days gorilla trips that involve flying from Enetebbe to Bwindi and back.

Booking a permit for 2020 -2022 early enables us make proper arrangements with all our services providers for inland flights as well as accommodations.

Available Uganda Gorilla Holiday Packages

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