Chimps Nest kibale

Chimps Nest Kibale a lodge facility built alongside a spectacular Kibale Forest National Park. The Nest is built right into the natural environment near the boundary with Kibale National Park in a calm location distant from any congestion or community sounds.

It’s hard to find extravagance here but our relaxed, very reserved and comfortable cottages have an outside shower, wash basin and flush toilet with sufficient hot and cold water. If you are looking for exploration, peacefulness, pure nature, gorgeous, privacy and beautiful views you will love Chimps’ Nest!

Chimps Nest is only 15 minutes’ drive from Kanyanchu, the preliminary point for Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Chimp-tracking and other activities in Kibale Forest. Chimps’ Nest also edges the Magombe Swamps and is an outstanding opening point for day excursions to the crater lakes, Semuliki National Park, Semuliki Wildlife Reserve and the Rwenzori Mountains.

The foremost building has standardized restaurant that offers tasteful universal meals in a warm and appealing environment, where you can enjoy our pleasant provision with free but limited internet. There is also a bar, lounge and craft shop.