Chimpanzee Close Up

Chimpanzee Close Up Experience at Entebbe Zoo in Uganda

Chimpanzee Close Up Experience is the participation in chimp integration exercise at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC). The close up exercise is aimed helping new rescued chimpanzees gradually attain confidence and trust of other chimps who later turn to be their long term allies. Have you ever imagined meeting your closest cousin without a barrier in between? Subject to provision of valid health proof, participate in the chimpanzee integration experience. In company of a keeper, you will take the individuals on a walk at island moat.

Observe them enjoy life on trees, learn, adapt living with other chimps in a forest-like environment. The purpose is to help new rescued chimpanzees slowly build confidence and trust of other chimps who in turn become their long term allies. Integration is a long and continuous which is undertaken on schedule, by our keepers. We are happy to share this experience and take you on for one hour in a controlled environment.

Listen to the chimp caregiver talk about how they came to their history, how they came to the centre, behavior and challenges. Be ready to be groomed by the infants and return a favor through carrying or grooming them.

Chimps enjoy rough trickles and can be rough. Your guide will  help interpret the different different sounds, gestures and advise on how to behavior whilst with your cousins.

Imagine a chimp hold their cup of porridge, peeling a banana or asking for more food! Find out all these and much more through participating in this unique once in a lifetime experience!

Fees: Make a contribution of $ 290 and be sure you have helped us maintain them as well as saving those in the wild!

Dates and Time: The activity is arranged Monday to Sunday, early morning at 7.30 am. The activity starts with a brief introduction by one of the keepers.

Reservation & Health: Prior reservation and health clearance is a MUST! Chimpanzees have regular health checks and update vaccinations. This is aimed at avoiding cross transmission of  diseases.

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