Car Hire Services Uganda

Car Hire Services Uganda

Car Hire Uganda – Car Rental Uganda, Vehicles for Hire in Kampala

Car Hire Services Uganda is one of the major services that we offer beside gorilla trekking services as well as wildlife safaris and tours in Uganda and the region. We have got the the most affordable, dependable and reliable vehicle rental services in Uganda. We have got far ranging comfortable and mechanically stable vehicles for hire in Uganda. Our vehicles range from 4X4 WD station wagons, Executive Saloon Cars, Coaster Buses, and Mini-Vans to bigger buses. As a one of the car rental companies in Uganda, we have reliable Uganda vehicle rental services for airport pickups, Chauffeur drives plus self-drive for safaris in Uganda all offered basing on one’s travel plans and schedules. Contact us today for a variety of options regarding your vehicle hire needs in Uganda. Send us an email or call us and we shall get back to you shortly.


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4X4 Ordinary Land cruisers for Hire/Rent in Uganda.

We have got the 4×4 ordinary land cruises right here at our company. These is not modified for safari, family tours and game viewing. They accommodate 4 to 6 comfortable seats with spacious boot for carrying the luggage. They are also very suitable for self-drive but drivers are always available for you in case you may not need to drive. They are improved and are 4X4 capable of reaching to very far places and going through the most challenging road sections that are found in remote areas .their models range between 1995 to 2012 years of their manufacture.

Our 4×4 Ordinary land Cruisers for Hire can access to most of Uganda’s neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic republic of Congo. To all our prospective clients, these land cruisers are hired out with a driver.

The cost charges range between 70 to 90 US dollars and this will depend on the work that is to be done, the distance that is to be covered and the number of days the car will be on use.

4X4 Rav4 for Hire/Rent in Uganda.

You need 4×4 Rav 4 for hire, we are available to offer you the latest model of any types of Rav4 for the best of you safari, picnic holidays, self-drive or another event. The car has got 5 spacious comfortable seats with a large boot for carrying your luggage. These cars are mechanically very strong hence they can move for longer distances although you need not to move to roads that are muddy. Slippery or steep.

The 4×4 Rav 4 have got different types depending on the number of passengers or people that can seat in it.

We have got 4×4 Rav4 which has got 6 seats , the front seat which takes one person minus the  the driver and then 4 behind seats  hence making it 6 people in total. These have got a spacious boot and equipped with the seat-belts.

We also have 4X4 Rav4 with 4 seats, the front seats for the driver and one person plus 2 behind seats hence making 4 seats in total. They have also got a large boot and seat belts.

Our 4×4 RAV4 Self-drive hire in Uganda Rwanda arrangement are available and the price is negotiable depending on where one is going, the activity to be under taken and the total hire number of days.

Our terms and condition applied.

Toyota RAV4 (SXA10R) 4×4 with 3 doors is recommended for self-drive although they can be hired out with a driver carrying 1 to 2 travelers minus the driver.

4×4 Toyota RAV4 (ACA33R) Cruiser with 5 doors is recommended for luxury self-drive car hire in Uganda Rwanda but can be hired out with a driver carrying 1 to 3 people minus the driver
4×4 Toyota RAV4 (ACA20R)  with 5 doors is  also recommended for luxury self-drive car hire in Uganda Rwanda but can be rented out  with a driver taking 1 to 3 people minus the driver
4×4 Toyota RAV4 (ALA49R MY14) Cruiser wagon with 5 doors or Toyota RAV4 (ACA20R)  also with 5 doors are recommended for super luxury self-drive car hire in Uganda Rwanda however can be given out with taking 1 to 3 passengers minus the driver.

4X4 Safari Land cruisers For Hire in Uganda.

You are looking for 4X4 Safari Land Cruisers for Hire in Uganda, we are here for to provide you with affordable 4X4 Safari tour Land cruisers .these cars are more suitable for the tourists who are interested in guided tours and camping in Uganda and Rwanda. They are very strong cars hence capable of travelling to long distances and move through slippery, steep or muddy sections of the road.

4X4 Safari Land cruisers are big and commodious. They have sufficient space offered by stretched seating arrangement and the gap between the seat rows makes them relaxed with enough support room.

They have got a sizable height hence enabling lengthy views of the areas where they are being driven. Therefore they are lovely more so during the game drives in the Savannah parks of Uganda such as Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. They offer an opportunity to gain clear and a wider view of wild life.

Most of 4X4 Safari Land Cruisers rented for excursions in Uganda Rwanda have got pop up roof where tourists normally stand out to have direct sights of the wild life and take undisturbed photos. The clear windows offer good viewing even when the tourists are seated.

They have got Air conditioner and battery re-charging amenities thus preventing you from the heat and battery shortages, these helps you to keep your phones and cameras fully charged.

Our 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser can accommodate 5 to 7 passengers seated comfortably enough space. The seats are robed with clean and matching cushions tailored with seat belts while the outside of the vehicle has got colors that are friendly to the environment.

The Luggage is kept inside the vehicle and there is enough space for them.

If you are searching for affordable quality 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser hire in Uganda or Rwanda, speed way safaris offers you the best quality of it at an affordable price of ranging from 120 – 200 USD plus the driver but without fuel .

Below are the different categories of 4×4 safari land cruisers we hire out to our clients.

  • 4X4 Toyota safari Land cruiser with top up roof for game viewing and photographing. ($140 to 180$ per day with a driver).
  • 4X4 Ordinary Toyota land cruiser Prado without top up roof of a model between 1992 to 1996 (3L) ($70 to 80$).
  • 4X4 Toyota Land cruiser with hard top terrain of model between 1995 to 2014($80 to 90$ per day with a driver.
  • 4X4 Toyota land cruiser Prado Tx /Tz of a model between 1996 to 2012 costs $80 to 90$ per day with a drive. 

4X4 Safari Vans For Hire in Uganda.

We offer you with a comfortable affordable  4X4 Safari Vans for rent in Uganda, We have personalized safari vans that have 4 wheel drive and have confirmed the ability to travel to distant places in Uganda Rwanda  Safari destinations and moving in challenging road sections.
The 4X4 Safari Vans For Hire in Uganda are improved and can move on steep hills such as  the Kigezi Highlands while travelling to western Uganda for gorilla safari haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The Safari Vans have got atop up roof which offers undisturbed game viewing in the Savannah grasslands of Uganda such as Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park., Kidepo Valley National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park together with plains game reserves.

The Safari Vans can accommodate 9 passengers and luggage is either kept inside in case there is space but our vehicles have luggage rack on top where luggage can be carried.

We hire out our safari vans with a drive/guides who have knowledge about the directions of the place you need to go to and at the same time they can make interpretations of attractive places you may pass by ,landscapes, local cultural plus other different places where you may have traveled too. We ensure that our drivers/guides are well trained and can speak English fluently ,in case you don’t know English ,we have got guides that can linguistic ,they can speak Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian and others that can be available at additional cost.

4×4 safari vans are hired at cost ranging from 80$ to 120$ per day together with driver.

4X4 Safari Super Customs.

In addition to the safari Vans, we also hire out Super customs. These can carry 5 people and have spongy seats that are more comfortable. The Safari Super customs have also got a top up roof, clear windows suitable for wild game viewing; they also have battery recharging amenities for charging the phones and camera batteries plus Air conditioners to give a cool air.

The Safari Super Customs have a 4 Wheel drive and have also confirmed the potential to reach up to distant destinations in Uganda and Rwanda going through road sections in the remote parts of these countries.

4×4 safari super custom vehicles are hired at cost ranging from 80$ to 95$ per day together with driver.   

Luxury Cars for Hire/Rent in Uganda.

Are you there and you have been looking for the most luxurious cars you can hire, we are available to provide you with the best classic ,nice looking and latest car .you have got a mission with foreigner states here in Uganda or Rwanda, you have a meeting with top government officials ,you want to attend an international conference or your meeting with a group of prominent business men ,attending a friends weeding or you need cars for your wedding.

These luxury cars are mostly ideal for such official and glamorous events that could either be in Kampala or outside the city or Kigali in Rwanda. We therefore have no problem with providing with any luxury car of your choice. We ensure that we arrange for you the high class reliable and comfortable car rentals in Uganda, Rwanda.

Some of the luxury cars we hire out include, Benz, BMW, land cruisers V8 and VX and Toyota Cygnus, Nissan Patrols, Benz compressor and ordinary Mercedes, the Limousine and Hammer appearing in all sorts of colors all are available at very affordable price .they have got physical spread capable of attraction attention and position among other vehicles not forgetting highest degree of comfort ability.

The Luxury Cars are safely driven and whether you wish to be picked up or dropped off at the Entebbe International Airport, speed way safaris offers Luxury car hire for the airport transfer. The Luxury Vehicles consists of Air conditioning, mineral water, must be clean 24/7, and are transported right to where the client needs to be picked up.

The cost for hiring luxurious cars ranges between $250 to 400$ together with a drive minus fuel.  

 4X4 Min-Vans/ Coaster/Mini Buses for Hire in Uganda.

Looking for a 4X4 Mini Buses for Hire/Rent in Uganda Rwanda that can accommodate 35 passengers depending on the number of people though most of them range from 25 to 32 people seats that comfortably well-spaced while as enabling you to keep close to one another. In fact, a person can communicate to everyone in the vehicle ably without the microphone.

Our 4×4 Coasters mini buses for rent in Uganda Rwanda have clearer and wide windows thus suitable for safaris in more so exploration and wild game viewing. They are suitable to a number of groups travelling together such as a number of students, a group of a company, church or any organization that may need to minimize transport cost finds it cheaper as the transport costs is shared among many people.

The more improved minivans and coasters with Air conditioning, more comfortable seats with enough leg rooms, flat screens and provision for recharging is also available and these are perfect for representatives and staff of corporate organizations.

The 4×4 Mini buses for hire Vans Coasters range from $100 to $150 per day inclusive of the driver but less of fuel and the price depend on the carrying capacity.

Buses for Hire/Rent in Uganda.

We have also got Buses for hire/rent in Uganda.

The cost for hiring Buses range from 400 USD together with a driver but less of fuel. 


 Saloon Cars for hire in Uganda

Our Saloon Cars for Hire in Uganda with a driver or self drive car hire in Uganda Rwanda, known as Sedan in the British, Canadian, American, New Zealand and Australian English are right here in Uganda and Prime Uganda Safaris offers them as part of their car rentals in Uganda.

These Saloon Cars features three box configurations where one is dedicated for the driver, the second for the passenger and third for Cargo. The front features a single seat besides the drivers while the middle compartment features two seats that can accommodate two adult passengers. The cargo compartment is normally at the back and is big enough to carry two medium sized suite cases. The engine is always at the fore front of the vehicle.

Hiring a saloon car from us offers you an opportunity to your destinations while spending less. In other words, the saloon car offers a budget travel since their prices are reduced compared to other vehicle types.

The Saloon cars are suitable for simple drives with in Kampala and the areas around the city within the 100 km radius. It may not be all that suitable for long distance drives and driving in remote areas of Uganda where roads are rather challenging.

The prices for the saloon car hire in Uganda range from 40 -60  USD per day inclusive of the driver but less of fuel.
Our car hire arrangement is not based on Mileage but the vehicle is supposed travel to places initially agreed upon in the booking process in Uganda and neighboring countries

The prices for the saloon car self drive hire in Uganda range from 50 -70  USD per day exclusive of of fuel but negotiations can be made depending on your destination, nature of activity and the total number of  days for the hire. 

Terms and conditions apply…

We also have luxury cars for hire in Uganda

These range from $250 – $400 per day inclusive of driver exclusive.