Caplaki Craft Village

Caplaki Craft Village – a Handcraft Centre in Kigali Rwanda

Caplaki Craft Village in Kigali is one of the best places to buy Rwandan handicrafts as well as items from Kenya and Uganda, masks and carvings from Congo. Caplaki has extensive range of handicrafts including ceramic works, traditional woodcarvings, basket making, contemporary paintings, jewelry, wood products, leather, ceramics, hand textiles, hand-loomed products, embroidery, woven products, baskets and mats among others. While in Rwanda, put Caplaki Craft Village at the forefront of your tour plan especially when enjoying a Kigali city tour.
The village carries an amazing collection of arts and handcrafted treasures that you can shop to your eye’s contentment. Get the beautifully carved woodwork and intricately woven baskets of various sizes. And in case you are seeking for a partner, access is made easy and simple through both online and at site. As you tour the place, you will love seeing a collection of arts and crafts from best artists, each with a profound significance behind every design.

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