Buranga Hot Springs

Buranga Hot Springs in Bundibugyo District of Western Uganda

Buranga hot springs at an elevation of 1,099 above sea level are found in Bundibugyo district in the western part of Uganda at the base of Bwamba Escarpment. The amazing hot springs are among the tourist attractions in western Uganda and attract a sizable number of visitors to it. The hot springs are located close to Ruwenzori Mountains have formed their own ecosystem with think vegetation and marshland around itself attraction a notable number of birds and animals. The animals are at times spotted licking the salt coming out of the ground. This particular attraction has three hot springs and are about 700 metres apart from each other.

The Hot Springs is situated nearby to the villages of Mongiro and Bamaga that are also close to close to the village Mamirimiri and the neighborhood Ntandi Trading Center.

Rift and Earthquakes

The geothermal activity of Buranga hot springs is connected to the tectonic activity of rift (Albertine graben – part of the East African Rift System). The hot water here may be be rising along the active faults of Earth’s crust. Geo Scientists have noticed that after each earthquake hot springs are changing. And it happens that some of the older springs vanish as other new ones sprout.

Other Hot Springs in Uganda

Uganda is endowed with 7 major hot springs that attract a number of visitors while on thier  African Uganda safaris and tours. Hot springs in Uganda include Kitagata Hot springs, Rwagimba hot spring, Sempaya hot springs in Semuliki National Park,  Amoropii Hot springs, Burring hot springs, Ihamba hot springs and Kibiro hot springs among others. The hot springs mentioned are spread in various parts of Uganda. These may be visited by travelers while on bigger safaris to major tourist attractions in Uganda including National parks and game reserves.