Bulange in Mengo is one of the most significant buildings found on Mengo hill alongside Lubaga road within Kampala, Uganda. This is the main offices Buganda Kingdom with exciting scenes and art galleries. The buidling feature well in a Kampala city tour package as a place where tourists can learn about the history of Buganda and Uganda at large.

It consists of the Kingdom`s administration and its Parliament where the Kabaka meets members of the Buganda Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament). Before Bulange building was constructed, members of the Lukiiko used to sit under trees on grass but later, they decided to build the Lukiiko sit which was grass thatched. Later, Sir Apollo Kaggwa who was the then Prime Minister decided to build a new Bulange with bricks. He gave the contract to an Indian Alidina Visram and work was started in 1902. It was constructed near the entrance to the Lubiri but its design and durability were highly criticized by the youth. However, when Kabaka`s government expanded, there was need to create a bigger Lukiiko hall. Therefore the new Bulange contrary to the Kiganda Culture was built outside the Lubiri something that saw a lot of criticism from most of the Baganda.

What to see on this tour

Upon reaching at Buganda Tourism Center, the tour group will be proudly welcomed by the guides at the Gates of Bulange. The Visitors will appreciate the art and craft collections at the center and receive the tour brief.

You will enjoy the guided visit to Bulange which covers the Lukiiko Hall, the gardens and monuments and the Central Broadcasting Station (CBS). The Guide will narrate the history and importance of Bulange.

There is the parliamentary building of Buganda in front of Bulange.

Visiting Kisingiri House; the visitors will walk to Zakariya Kisingiri’s house, one of the oldest and magnificent houses in Buganda located along the Royal Mile.

Walking along the Royal Mile; the visitors will walk along the Royal Mile and learn about the 52 clans of Buganda. The visitors will be able to see important buildings like the court house and interact with the people along the Mile

Lukoma Nantawetwa; At this stage, the story of the famous roundabout will be told and the guests will drive taken to Wankaaki Gardens.

‘Lukoma Nantawetwa,’ Kabaka’s round about (junction) on Rubaga road, Mengo

Wankaaki Gardens; the visitors will be taken to the monuments at the Wankaaki. The Rock of the Nation and the Kyooto.

Visiting ‘The Empukku’; the dark chapter of Buganda’s history will be recounted at the Amin’s cave inside the Lubiri.

The Twekobe which is known as Kabaka’s house – Mengo palace; the tourists will be taken around the Twekobe; the King’s Palace and invited to a cup of Tea at the end of the Tour.