Best Time to visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Best Time to Visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Best Time to Visit BwindiThe best time to visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is during the drier months of the year. People go to Bwindi forest to see gorillas in Uganda. Gorilla trekking is carried out the thick forest throughout the year. The best time is from the month of June to August plus December up to February. During this period, rain is less and the forest paths are passable since they are not slippery. These months are also drier and friendly. Whereas from March to April and September up to November are regularly very rainy even though they are the most ideal months for birding. 

In brief:

Best time to tour – June to August and December to February as forest walkways are drier.

Peak season runs from June to September

Best weather situations: June to July plus December up to February as rain is minimal.

Low season runs from March, April and May. It comes again in October up to November are rainy periods with less tourism

Unfriendly Weather conditions: March – May. And September-November. Rain is high and pathways are soggy.

Visiting Bwindi Drier Months

During the drier months, there are sunny conditions and seeing gorillas is at its finest. It is the most ideal time for watching the endangered primates in the thick forest. Ensure that you carry good trekking gears like good clothing. It’s cold especially at night. Have a mosquito repellent even though there are few mosquitoes to put you at risk of these insects. During higher season months, there are chances of finding more travelers in the park coming for tours to see gorillas in Uganda.

Going to Bwindi Forest during Rainy Months

In the rainy months (March-May & September-November). The environment then is mainly misty and wet. And birding is very ideal during such times. Gorilla trekking is doable in this period despite the slippery roads at times. Good clothes to warm you up are a necessity.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is widely known for visiting gorillas. With over 20 gorilla families, the park tops the four mountain gorilla national park in Africa. Divided into 4 regions, Bwindi forest facilitates gorilla tracking with ease from various destinations including Kigali or Kampala.

In case you are searching for a charming and memorable undertaking, a gorilla trip to Bwindi is the best thing to book and participate in.